Instant FROG FAQs

Using Instant FROG, you can expect…

Consistent Sanitizing
Minerals are EPA registered as disinfectants so they are killing bacteria consistently for 6 months.

Up to 50% Less Chlorine Use
Because minerals are doing part of the sanitizing work, you can lower the chlorine level in the pool to 0.5 ppm. The combination of FROG minerals and 0.5 ppm chlorine is as effective as 1.0 ppm of chlorine alone.

Easier Weekly Visits and No Call Backs
No need to check Instant FROG or add a booster. It continues to work as long as it’s in the water. Instant FROG keeps water crystal clear as it acts as an insurance policy against green or cloudy pools.

pH in the Proper Range
FROG minerals also absorb acids to guard against high pH which means less time testing and balancing the water. Another time saver!

50% Slower Build-up of CYA
With minerals reducing chlorine levels up to 50%, there is less cyanuric acid entering the pool in a season, therefore less build-up that can lead to chlorine inefficiency.

Reduction in Energy Use
Instant FROG can even help cut down on energy bills by running the circulation system fewer hours per day. Between the minerals and low chlorine level, there is enough sanitizing potential that a 24 hour pump time is not needed. Add a timer to run during the day for enough hours to turn the water over 1.5 times per day. Your customers will thank you!

Improved Water Quality
With the conditioning power of minerals and less chlorine in the pool, the feel of the water is much softer. There is also far less odors and no bleaching of swimsuits. Minerals actually protect the pool equipment and surfaces so the pool stays new looking longer.

Compatibility with Salt, Ozone or UV
Instant FROG can work with any of these pools by providing an extra layer of protection against bacteria. Salt system users can turn their dial down and generate a lower chlorine level. Ozone and UV do not leave a residual in the pool so Instant FROG provides a steady bacteria fighting presence.

Lower TDS Levels
Minerals and 0.5 ppm of free chlorine make up a complete sanitizing system. The only other thing you need is a regular pool shock and some balancing chemicals. By not requiring borates, enzymes, clarifiers and other chemicals, you can actually lower the overall TDS in the water.

6 Months of Protection
Instant FROG mineral formula keeps working up to 6 months or one pool season, whichever is shorter. During that time, no additional mineral doses are required which saves you money. Simply discard in the trash and replace with a new one.

Consumer Benefits

Kills bacteria two ways – with minerals and a low level of chlorine from your service
Minerals condition the water for softness so it’s easier on skin and pool surfaces
Helps keep the pH in line for greater water clarity
Simply sits in the skimmer and lasts for a full 6 months
Instant Frog in Skimmer
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