FROG® Filter Mate®

Mineral Sanitizer fits inside Hot Tub Filter Cartridges

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The mineral sanitizer that cleans and softens hot tub water inside your filter cartridge. While you’ll add dichlor or bromine separately, you’ll need half the usual amount, because our FROG minerals are active sanitizers. The result is you kill bacteria two ways – with minerals and a low level of chlorine or bromine.  We call it Fresh Mineral Water® because it looks and feels amazing.

Pool Foreground Hot Tub Foreground
50% Less

Lower your bromine or chlorine use up to 50%* with minerals

Soft Feeling

Soft feeling water that’s easier on your skin, swimsuits and spa surfaces

Set and Forget

Convenient reminder dial – set it and forget it for 4 months

Easy Install

Easy installation into most filters – no assembly required

filter mate in filter

Video Introduction to FROG Filter Mate

Filter Mate

Additional Information

The FILTER Mate mineral sanitizer fits easily into the center of your spa’s filter cartridge. It is a one-piece design that can be shortened if necessary. The unique design draws in your spa water through the openings in the cap and sides and circulates it through our patented mineral formula dispensing a low level of minerals into the spa. Simply supplement with 1 ppm of chlorine or bromine.

How does FROG Filter Mate Work?

It simply fits in the center of most filter cartridges.  The one-piece design makes it stronger so no chance of breakage.  Set the dial to the 4 month replacement date and drop it in the filter.

How long does FROG Filter Mate last?

4 months or whenever you drain and refill the hot tub.

What if FROG Filter Mate doesn’t fit in my filter cartridge?

You may set it in the filter well or skimmer tray. If it is too long, you can cut off part of the stem using the notches.

* Compared to the minimum ANSI recommended bromine or chlorine level of 2.0 ppm for a hot tub

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Julie C. Nichols - August 29, 2020

I have a large Inground fiberglass 1174 gallon 12 person spa. I had owned pools before but never a spa and finding any maintenance guidance for a spa that large is practically non existent. My chemical usage (to me) was very high. I have an external filter and 3 pumps similar to a pool setup. I use a bromine floater that I had to keep filling frequently as well as adding PH increaser, calcium and non chlorine MPS shock 2-3 times A WEEK. I was searching for something to help lower and more evenly balance the chemical swings when I learned about the Frog products. While Frog spa products are tested up to only 600 gallon spas, they were very helpful in working with me to fine tune the best fit for my spa. I decided to use the frog filter mate and expect to change it more frequently than the recommended 4 months due to the size of my spa. It’s now been almost 2 months and from the moment I installed the filtermate in my canister filter, my chemical usage has significantly decreased (way more than Frog advertises)! The bromine tabs in the floater last 3-4 times longer, I have not had to add the MPS shock more than once every couple of weeks. The PH increaser is now once every couple of weeks and I have only added calcium once. I live in Texas and with 90-100 degree heat in August, it was a true test for the mineral sanitizer stick. To my knowledge there is not a test that can tell when it stops working and needs to be replaced but knowing what my prior chemical usage was compared to now, I’m sure I will know. I am sold on the filtermate and will use this system for any pool/spa I have in the future.

Bekki - April 10, 2021

We have a brand new bullfrog hot tub we put the filter made in along with other chemicals the water is always milky smells like chlorine but when we get the water tested they say it’s OK we need help are we supposed to use chlorine with the disinfectant stick help!!!

Tom Sager - April 10, 2021

Hi Bekki - Congrats on the new tub! FROG Filter Mate is a mineral sanitizing stick which is designed to be used in conjunction with chlorine or bromine. The true benefit of using Minerals in your tub, is that you only need 50% of the standard amount of chlorine to keep your hot tub fully sanitized. Make sure when testing your water that you are using FROG Test Strips. Other test strips have an ideal chlorine range that is much higher than what you need with FROG. This could be the cause of your chlorine smell (high level of chlorine). If you have any additional questions, we can be reached at 1-800-222-0169 or by emailing

Cherie Trimble - May 5, 2020

I just got the Frog ease for my hot tub. When I put it in. it floats on its side. Is that ok?

Terry Jarosky - August 21, 2018

Are you saying you must SHOCK your spa to activate the FROG ? Is that simply bringing the chlorine level to 3 ppm. or higher ?

JimZimmerman - June 2, 2017

Hello Sarah, We have been using the Frog system now for about 2 years. Not really sure of its effectiveness but our dealer said it’s really GOOD. I use chlorine, is it possible to remove the Frog for a period of about 8-12 hours while I performing routine cleaning, then reinsert? Does it lose its effectiveness out of the water for that period?

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