Owning a pool brings joy and fun to your life, but we know keeping your pool clean and clear can be a challenge. Don’t sweat it. These 7 quick and easy tips will help make pool care a breeze.

A hand reaches over a soft-sided pool to dip a test strip in the water.

Tip #1: Test Your Pool Water Regularly

This is the foundation of proper pool maintenance because it keeps you in the know on how your pool water is doing.

If you don’t test you water, you won’t know if anything is wrong. Until it’s really wrong. Keeping water clean and clear if far easier and less costly than fixing problems.

Testing the water allows you to monitor the key factors like Chlorine level, Total Alkalinity, pH and Total Hardness.

Testing pool water weekly allows you to keep tabs on your water quality and keeps the pool ready for action.

Expert Advice: Set a regular testing schedule and address any imbalances promptly to maintain your pool water. You could even set a reminder on your mobile device or calendar! FROG offers a FREE FROG Water Care App. Download it now from the App Store or Google Play, you can set reminders or get help 24/7.

Tip #2: Keep Water Balanced

Did you know pools have their own personality? They do, and most importantly, a balanced pool is a happy pool.

Balancing your pool’s water chemistry is the #1 most important factor to maximize the life and appearance of your swimming pool.

One large stone balances on a rock scale against 5 stacked stones.

Out of balance water chemistry can not only make swimming uncomfortable but it can also damage the pool walls, pool decks, and pool equipment as well as other surfaces around your swimming pool.

The most important levels to keep your swimming pool chemistry balanced are

Total Alkalinity: 80 – 120 ppm

pH: 7.2 -7.8

Total Hardness: 200 – 400 ppm

It’s important to test and use adjustment chemicals in this order. Check out our Water Balancing Guide for Pools here for more detailed steps.

Sanitizers only work effectively when water is balanced, as imbalances in chemistry reduce chlorine’s efficiency.

Overhead shot of pool water with a blue tiled floor

Total Alkalinity (TA)

TA represents the number of alkaline substances in the water, and every pool needs a healthy amount of alkaline.

Why? Because alkaline stabilizes pH. When the Total Alkalinity is properly adjusted, the pH fluctuates less.

The Highs and Lows of pH

pH measures the amount of acid or base in pool water, on a scale from 1.0 – 14.0, where 0 – 7.0 covers the acidic range; water below a pH of 7.2 and cause eyes to sting and damage pool lines and equipment.

pH from 7.0 – 14 covers the basic range, pH higher than 7.8 reduces chlorine’s effectiveness and can cause cloudy water, or even skin rash and scale on pool equipment.

Expert Advice: Always balance in this order: Total Alkalinity, pH then Total Hardness. Once your pool water is balanced, ensure it stays that way – it puts you on the defense against common pool problems from cloudy water to algae, and extends the life of your pool.

Photo of a gray pool pump surrounded by outdoor foliage

Tip #3: Run Your Pool Pump for 8 Hours Daily

Your pool pump circulates and filters pool water. Running the pump for an adequate amount of time each day (we recommend at least 8 hours) is essential to ensure the water is properly circulated and filtered, preventing algae and bacteria growth.

Pool pumps take pool water in and move it toward and through the filter.  And a filter can only function if water travels through it. As water moves through the filter, it works to capture and remove debris and bacteria.

All the water in your pool must run through this filtration process at least once a day to keep your pool clean, clear and ready for action.

Expert Advice: Aim to run your pool’s pump for at least 8-12 hours of circulation per day, adjusting as needed based on the size of your pool and the climate in your area!

Tip #4: Clean Your Filter

Routinely inspect and clean the pool filter. Simply remove, check it out, and hose it down with a garden hose. Check manufacturer’s instructions – they may call for using a cleaning product. If a filter is worn out or torn, replace it.  And a bonus-bonus tip: Keep a new filter on hand at all times. You’ll never be caught off guard.

Tip #5: Routinely Brush Your Pool

Regularly brushing pool surfaces goes a long way to prevent algae, and clean out other debris. Brush the pool walls and floor, and steps if you have them. Always brush the floor from the shallow end toward the drain in the deep end. All debris collected while brushing should be pushed toward the main drain, where it will go to the filter.

Did you know that brushing your pool prevents algae growth? Algae can be stubborn and difficult to remove once it takes hold. By brushing your pool regularly, you stop algae from gaining control. In short, moving the debris in your pool keeps it from growing further, helps water circulate and brings everything to the filter.

Expert Advice: Invest in a high quality pool brush and set aside time each week to thoroughly brush the surfaces of your pool. Another great tip is to set a reminder on your mobile device or calendar!

A blue pool brush reaches the bottom of the pool

Tip #6: Maintain and Monitor Pool Water Levels

If the pool water level drops too low, the pump may run dry, causing damage.

On the other hand, if the pool water level is too high it can hamper the skimmer’s effectiveness.

Regularly monitor and adjust the water level to keep it within the recommended range.

Expert Advice: Keep an eye on your pool water level. Drain water when it’s too high and add water when it’s too low. When draining or adding water, test it adjust as needed to keep it balanced.

A green hose hangs over the side of a patterned underground pool, filling it with water.

Tip #7: Easier Water Care at Your Fingertips

Want water care to be easier? Want to use less chlorine? Check out FROG products. FROG products create Fresh Mineral Water®  in your pool – something no other products can do. FROG uses FROG Minerals and a low amount of chlorine to kill bacteria 2 ways.

Plus, FROG products are prefilled, so there’s no guess, no mess and no stress. They have “set it and forget it” precision control, keeping a consistent low level of chlorine in your pool at all times.

Less chlorine means water is easier on skin, hair, surfaces and swimsuits. Check FROG products out now for easier water care.

Couple sits on chaise loungers next to each other clinking their drinks. They overlook a clear pool

There you have it: 7 Quick and Easy Tips to Maintain a Sparkling Pool. Follow these tips and you will maximize your pool’s lifetime – all while making your life easier!


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