Owning a hot tub is an incredible journey that can be filled with relaxation and joy.

At FROG®, we’re here to guide you on your path to hot tub bliss, ensuring that every moment spent in your hot tub contributes to your well-being – just what it’s supposed to do!

These five practices are easy to master, don’t take much time and can help you steer clear of common pitfalls so you can make the most of your hot tub oasis.

1. Embrace Filter Cleaning for Crystal-Clear Waters:

Did you know that maintaining a clean hot tub filter is a breeze? Many hot tub owners overlook this step, but it’s the key to pristine water clarity. And, cleaning your filter is super easy!

2 hot tub filters sitting on the edge of a gray and red hot tub.

Simply pull out the filter and hose it down thoroughly every 1-2 weeks.

Once you establish a routine of regular filter cleaning, it becomes easier, and helps you enjoy the sparkling cleanliness of your hot tub without any hassle.

A woman in a black swimsuit reaches forward to feel the hot tub water coming out of the waterfall feature.

2. Set the Perfect Temperature for Pure Relaxation:

Discover the art of setting the perfect water temperature in your hot tub. The Centers for Disease Control, CDC,  and the US Product Safety Commission, CPSC,  recommend a temperature range of 100-102 degrees Fahrenheit. By keeping within this range, you’ll experience a blissful retreat.

Maintaining the ideal temperature not only promotes well-being but also saves you money. Higher water temperatures cause chemicals to dissolve faster, leading to increased costs.

That’s another benefit of FROG. Our self-regulating hot tub systems eliminate the need for constant adjustments, ensuring a consistently clean and inviting hot tub experience at any temperature. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your hot tub is always ready for your relaxation.

But what if you like your hot tub, well, hotter? The CPSC states that hot tub water temperatures should not exceed 104◦F; many hot tub manufacturers will not allow temperatures to be set above 104◦F. At higher temperatures, time spent in the hot tub should be monitored. Age and health should be considered when setting temperatures. Children 5 years old and younger should not use a hot tub because they overheat quickly. If you’re pregnant or have health issues, it’s wise to talk to your physician before using a hot tub.

Plus, in the hot summer months, you may find 95 – 97◦F feels just right.

Test to a few temperatures to see what you like best. Finding the perfect temperature will add to your enjoyment.

An outdoor hot tub built into a deck with a cover on.

3. Cover Your Hot Tub for Pristine Perfection

A hot tub cover has great power! And that power can be yours!

A clean, good fitting hot tub cover offers many benefits. And a good habit of keeping your hot tub covered when not in use is a simple yet vital practice to keep your water clean and debris-free:

Energy Efficiency: A hot tub cover provides excellent insulation, trapping heat inside and reducing energy consumption. Spend less time and money on reheating your tub for your next soak.

Keep Debris Out: While the hot tub cover helps keep heat in, it also helps keep debris out. Leaves, twigs – those kinds of things can get into your hot tub and cause trouble – like an algae outbreak, or worse. Your hot tub keeps it all out.

Component Protection: Hot tub covers helps protect the jets and mechanical components, ensuring their longevity and reducing the need for repairs.

Safety First: Above all, a cover provides a crucial safety precaution for children and pets, offering peace of mind for everyone.

When you’re getting out of your hot tub, simply replace the cover to preserve its pristine condition!

In-ground hot tub with a hose over it refilling it.

4. Embrace Fresh Water for a Renewed Experience:

Maintaining fresh water in your hot tub is vital!

Ask 20 hot tub owners when the best time to drain and refill is, and you may get 20 different answers! Industry standards often say that hot tub water should be drained and refilled every three months.

But not so fast. With FROG you can extend this period to at least four months because FROG Minerals work for four months. They kill bacteria, condition the water for softness and help keep pH balanced. You can align your water change with the replacing your FROG Mineral Cartridge.

Here’s another difference-maker about FROG products: they contain no cyanuric acid (CYA).

Dichlor, the most common hot tub sanitizer, contains almost 50% CYA, and it builds up in the water. CYA causes water to become harsh and irritating and lessens chlorines effectiveness. That’s why people who use dichlor need to drain and refill their hot tub so often.

Since FROG products don’t contain any CYA, there’s no CYA buildup. FROG keeps water Cleaner, Clearer, Softer® – and it’s Easier to take care of.

In fact, FROG helps keep your hot tub water so consistently clean and clear, you may not have to drain and refill until 8 months!

The key is keeping your hot tub water balanced.

5. Achieve Water Balance for a Perfect Soak:

Did you know that hot tub water that’s out of balance inhibits a sanitizer’s effectiveness?

That’s one more reason to keep your hot tub water balanced. Regular testing with FROG Test Strips or FROG @ease Test Strips will help you keep track of your water levels.

FROG Test Strips sitting on the edge of a hot tub on top of a white towel with a lake scene in the background.

Plus, the FREE FROG Water Care app can help you – use it to test your water, diagnose and correct water issues, set reminders, watch helpful videos. If you haven’t already, download it now! It’s ready to help you 24/7.

Test your water regularly and keep it balanced. You can use the FROG Water Balance Guidelines for help. If there’s any question, take a water sample to your local dealer. They’ll help you keep your water balanced and give you great advice.

Older man reclined in the hot tub with his arms behind his head.

There you have it: 5 Easy Hot Tub Practices to help keep your hot tub sparkly clean. Keeping it clean will also maximize your hot tub’s lifetime – while making your life easier!

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