FROG® @ease® Sanitizing System for Swim Spas

The first complete solution for swim spas

The struggle is over - FROG @ease is here! It's easy to keep your swim spa clean, clear and ready when you are. FROG @ease kills bacteria 2 ways, uses up to 75% less chlorine* and delivers Fresh Mineral Water® in your swim spa - silky soft water with far less odors. FROG @ease maintains a low level of chlorine at all times and conditions the water for softness. It floats in the swim spa, flips when it needs to be replaced and is fabulously easy.

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@ease 75 Percent Less

Up to 75%* less chlorine with no frustrating yo-yo chlorine levels

Shock only once a month

Self-regulates for continuous crystal clear water

@ease Easy On

Easy on swim spa surfaces with less odors

@ease Color Match

Single color match for easy reading – exclusively with FROG @ease Test Strips

No Constant Monitoring

No constant monitoring

@ease No Mixing

No mixing chemicals


Another FROG @ease benefit – no Cyanuric Acid that can lead to problems.


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Additional Information

FROG @ease combines FROG Sanitizing Minerals with SmartChlor Technology to kill bacteria 2 ways, and maintain a consistently low chlorine level for weeks at a time.

Traditional chlorine is used up immediately when you use the swim spa. And you have to add more every time you use it – chlorine levels spike and dip constantly. SmartChlor maintains the same consistent low level of chlorine at all times. It’s smart, it adds more chlorine when needed to keep the water clean and clear. Plus, it uses up to 75% less chlorine*, because FROG Sanitizing Minerals help kill bacteria; water feels softer, swim suits don’t fade, surfaces are protected. When the SmartChlor Cartridge needs to be replaced, the System flips upside down. Plus, the translucent silver cartridge lets you see how much SmartChlor is in the Cartridge. Replacing is a snap! Snap the old Cartridge off, and snap the new Cartridge on.


Within 60 days of purchasing FROG @ease Sanitizing System for Swim Spas, if you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your money or replace the system. To find more information, please see Satisfaction Guarantee.

In 2 seconds, you can know precisely whether your pH, Total Alkalinity and Total Hardness are balanced, plus whether or not SmartChlor® needs replacing. Simply dip the FROG @ease Test Strip into the water, remove with the pads facing up and shake once to remove the water on the FROG Test Strips. Then hold it up next to the color chart on the back of the bottle to compare colors.

If the SmartChlor color on the strip is darker than the bottle label, the water is fine. If it is lighter it’s time to replace the Smartchlor Cartridge.

SmartChlor Technology is unique – it has its own Test Strips that show when to replace the chlorine – its much easier than other test strips.

A unique type of chlorine that works only with FROG Sanitizing Minerals™, giving you Fresh Mineral Water∞

Kills Bacteria 2 Ways

  • With FROG Sanitizing Minerals and a low level of SmartChlor – a unique chlorine

Less Chlorine

  • Use up to 75 less chlorine*
  • Water feels softer, swimsuits don’t fade, surfaces are protected

Less Shocking

  • Shock only once a month
  • Self-regulates – adds chlorine only when needed
  • Maintains a consistent low chlorine level at all times

More Enjoyment

  • Prefilled Cartridges mean no touching, or measuring chlorine
  • No mess, no stress, no guess

What size swim spa will FROG @ease work in?

Swim Spas up to 3,000 gallons are perfect for FROG @ease.

How does FROG @ease with SmartChlor compare to using chlorine?

SmartChlor Technology maintains a consistently low Free Chlorine level of 0.5 – 1.0 ppm at all times. It creates a reserve that converts to Free Chlorine when it senses demand on the swim spa. Industry standards for traditional chlorine level are 1.0 – 3.0 ppm. Plus, chlorine’s “Free Chlorine” level drops significantly under demand, and requires shocking continually. SmartChlor reduces shocking to only once a month!

How can it work so well with 75% less chlorine?

SmartChlor is a unique chlorine.  It consistently maintains a low 0.5 to 1.0 ppm free chlorine level. It works together with FROG Sanitizing Minerals to kill bacteria 2 ways, giving you a Cleaner, Clearer, Softer swim spa that’s Easier to maintain.

How long do the Mineral and SmartChlor cartridges last?

The Mineral Cartridge lasts four months or whenever the swim spa is drained and refilled. The SmartChlor Cartridge lasts 3-4 weeks.

How Often do you need to Shock the swim spa?

Shock only once a month, when the System tilts at about 3/4 rotate over in the water, typically at about 3 weeks, add a packet of FROG Maintain for Swim Spas to maximize the life of the SmartChlor Cartridge up to one more week.

Is a FROG @ease System expensive?

SmartChlor is slightly more expensive than chlorine (dichlor) but less than other systems. Consumers who have tried it tell us it is SO worth the money because it makes owning a swim spa extremely easy with far less monitoring and no shocking for an entire month. You save time and the cost of shock treatments plus with up to 75% less chlorine, your suits won’t fade and your swim spa has less wear and tear.

Can I remove FROG @ease from the swim spa when I’m relaxing or swimming in the water?

Yes. Simply set it on a surface that is not susceptible to bleaching and remember to replace it when you exit the tub.

* Compared to the minimum ANSI recommended bromine or chlorine level of 2.0 ppm for a swim spa

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