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FROG Leap® All-Out®


Algae Prevention for 90 Days Guaranteed with FROG Leap

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It’s easy to prevent algae and enjoy a worry-free summer. FROG Leap® All-Out® is the answer! It prevents algae for a full 90 days, guaranteed. Easy. Effective. Powerful.

  • Dispense through the FROG Leap® Infuzer®
  • 90-day algae protection guarantee
  • Use as a winterizer



How to remove and prevent algae in your pool.

Use FROG Leap All-Out.

Uniquely designed
for FROG systems

1 bottle for
15K gallons

Use as a

Uniquely designed
for FROG systems

1 bottle for
15K gallons

Use as a

Algae prevention tips:

1) Water balance is the key. Test water regularly and maintain proper pH range of 7.2 – 7.8 ppm.

2) Clean pump, filter and skimmer. Remove organic matter from pool water.

3) Limit fertilizer on grass near your pool. Fertilizers feed algae!

4) After rain or heavy pool use add a shock to the water.

5) Keep up-to-date: Replace Anti-Bac Mineral Pac every spring or 6 months, whichever comes first, and replace Torpedo Pac® as needed.

6) Use FROG Leap All-Out
every 3 months.

Use 1 bottle for every 15,000 gallons.

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Anti-Bac Mineral Pac®

Fresh minerals make chlorine last 2X longer

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Pool Wake Up!®
& Pool Hibernation®

90-day algae protection guarantee

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Torpedo Pac®

Prefilled for no mess, no guess and no stress


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The Reviews Are In

Anthony Cappelletty - June 23, 2020

We are in our 1st year with our new pool, the frog system is easy and eliminates daily maintenance. Once every other week we check our torpedo pac replace if needed, perfectly clear clean water.

Roseann - October 24, 2019

We love the Frog system & products. Our skin feels great, not dry & bathing suits do not fade. We've had our pool for 11 years now. The frog system & filter still work. The pool itself has no rust. Thank you to Pelican Pools.

Abbey C. - October 3, 2019

This ALL-OUT system works great. My water is always ALGAE FREE. Simple to use and works fast. The product doesn't hurt my pool liner, our eyes, or skin.

Diane Cooper - September 17, 2019

I was having so much trouble with algae this summer then I tried the all out and it cleared up that same day.. I would definitely recommend this

Dallas Griffith - September 16, 2019

Frog leap all out works great. I've used Frog Products in my pool for 3 years and it's always crystal clear. It's great!!! Low maintenance and very little work. I will never use anything else.

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It’s easy! Take off the cap and insert the container upside down in the FROG Leap Infuzer. Set the dial on the infuzer to 10 or Maxium and wait 1 hour for All-Out to evenly distribute throughout the pool. Then sit back and enjoy 90 days of algae-free pool water!

If algae occurs within 6 months of dispensing FROG Leap All-Out into your pool we’ll send you enough All-Out to clean up your pool. Please see instructions in the All-Out manual.

No. FROG Leap All-Out’s low level effectively stays within suspension for 90 days.


Test Strips

With FROG, you use lower levels of chlorine. Other test strips may indicate chlorine levels are too low, which can cause you to over-chlorinate and waste chlorine. Only FROG test strips help maintain Fresh Mineral Water in your pool.