FROG® Maintain™

Single Dose Maintenance Shock for Hot Tubs

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For periodic shocking, use FROG Maintain, it’s one dose in one single easy-to-pour pouch for one easy maintenance shock to keep your water crystal clear. No measuring, no guess, no mess. The hot tub is ready in 15 minutes of shocking.  Once in the water FROG Maintain quickly dissolves and eliminates organic contaminants. Non-chlorine shock means you get the clean without any Cyanuric Acid, ever.    

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Ongoing maintenance shock

One dose delivers clean crystal-clear water

Maintain the clean, without the chlorine or Cyanuric Acid

For use with all FROG hot tub sanitizers

Additional Information

FROG Maintain is a non-chlorine shock that removes contaminants in the water in as little as 15 minutes. Recommended for use with any of the FROG Sanitizing Systems for hot tubs, this simple packet makes shocking easy. With no chlorine, there is no Cyanuric Acid build up that causes hard to manage, irritating water and frequent draining and refilling. (Please see the FROG Maintain directions for use).

It is a convenient, one-dose packet for periodic maintenance shocking in any hot tub up to 600 gallons. No measuring needed and no guessing either – just cut and pour. Once in the water FROG Maintain quickly dissolves and eliminates organic contaminants. Non-chlorine shock means you get the clean without chlorine.

If using a FROG @ease Sanitizing System, use FROG Maintain once a month or whenever replacing a SmartChlor® Cartridge. For FROG Serene® or FROG Filter Mate® users, add FROG Maintain to the water once a week. Add an extra Maintain packet to the hot tub after heavy use as well.

FROG Maintain packets are sold separately in most FROG dealerships. Use your FROG Water Care App to locate a FROG dealer.

As a monopersulfate product it is compatible with all other hot tub chemicals.

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Tom Michels - January 30, 2024

I like this product and would like to buy more but no one has it in stock. Will it be available again? If so when?

FROG Products - January 30, 2024

Hi Tom! We are so sorry to hear it has been difficult to find FROG Maintain. Check out our selling partners on Amazon here:

Nicole McClelland - April 10, 2023

I have had issues getting the water in my hot tub right since I bought it. I accidentally ordered this instead of the chlorine shock I was using. This stuff is great!!! I use this once a week and my hot tub water has never been more clear!

Frank - August 17, 2022

Will the maintainer prevent brown scum? I'm using the @ease floating system.

FROG Products - August 17, 2022

Great question! FROG Maintain clears out contaminants like body oils, deodorants, and other organic contaminants that can result in scum if not treated. Usually, scum with a definitive color is a sign of other water balancing issues. In that case, a water test at your local dealer can be helpful for determining the water balancing issue.

John Dwyer - February 9, 2022

My Jacuzzi tub holds only 360 gallons, but your packets are designed for larger tubs. Do you have small quantity packs?

FROG Products - February 9, 2022

Great question John! Our FROG Maintain packets come in one size only to ensure that no one needs to measure or guess for periodic maintenance shocking. FROG Maintain is a non-chlorine shock, so it is safe and effective to use the packet for hot tubs of all gallon sizes up to 600 gallons.

Shauna Henry - October 11, 2021

Will the FROG Jump Start still be sold? It seems to not be in stock anywhere and where it is, the price is exoboritanty high. One place stated that Maintain is now being used in place of Jump Start. Is that true? If so, how do we get the right amount of chlorine in a newly filled hot tub. As it is now, my chlorine levels are always showing up low with use of the @ease system and the jump start. More information is needed please.

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