The Truth About Salt Pools

1. A saltwater pool IS a chlorine pool; a chlorinator turns salt into chlorine.

2. Salt eats through metal and stone

3. Salt corrodes expensive equipment

4. A saltwater pool is not a low maintenance option

5. Saltwater systems are expensive



A Salt Pool is a Chlorine Pool.

A salt water pool isn’t better than a chlorine pool because it IS a chlorine pool. A saltwater pool system is the same thing as a salt “chlorine” generator/salt water chlorinator.  Saltwater pools electrically convert pool salt into chlorine. It’s the chlorine that keeps pool water clean, just like the chlorine you buy in buckets.


Read an article about how salt runoff impacts the environment.

Fresh Mineral Water®∞ reduces chlorine use and conditions water.

A FROG Fresh Mineral Water®∞ pool uses up to 50% less chlorine* and fresh minerals to kill bacteria 2 ways and condition the water so it’s cleaner, clearer, softer and easier to maintain. Prefilled cartridges are easy to carry and insert, you never touch chemicals or salt.

Saltwater damages equipment, surfaces and the environment

Countless articles and first-hand accounts show and tell the damage that saltwater does to pools, decks, and yards. Want proof? Here are a few images dealers have sent to us that show saltwater damage and convince people to use FROG Fresh Mineral Water®∞ for their pools.

Salt Damage Photo 1
Salt Damage Photo 1
Salt Damage Image 2
Salt Damage Image 2
Salt Damage Image 3
Salt Damage Image 3

A Saltwater pool is not a low maintenance option

pH levels in saltwater pools tend to be higher and require increased monitoring

Regular doses of muriatic acid have to be added in order to clean your saltwater pools salt cells

Expensive salt cells need frequent cleaning

Salt Generator Cell Video
Saltwater Damage

Saltwater systems are expensive

  1. Saltwater chlorinators cost from $600 – $2,500 on average just to get up and running
  2. In 3 to 4 years, salt cells need to be replaced
  3. Saltwater spillover from your pool onto your pool deck, grass, shrubs and flowers can cause costly damage

Salt Does What Salt Does. It Corrodes

If you have any of these surfaces on or around your saltwater pool, they are susceptible to ugly brown stains, pitting, corrosion, and eventually unrepairable damage.

  • Metal ladder or diving board
  • Chain link fence
  • Metal pool frame
  • Copper heating element
  • Light covers
  • Cement, stone or brick patio/pool deck

FROG Fresh Mineral Water®∞: the easiest pool water care system for cleaner, clearer, softer water