Wondering if a swim spa is worth it?

You’re not alone. Swim spas are becoming very popular, and for good reason.

If you’re looking for something that combines relaxation, fitness and convenience, a healthier lifestyle, a peaceful retreat, or a way to ease your daily stress, a swim spa offers an all-in-one solution!

Here’s 10 ways a swim spa can be a game-changer in your life:

1. Exercise

Want to make exercising fun?

Yes, you read that right. Exercising can be fun in a swim spa! Swim spa water offers a much more pleasant and satisfying setting for low-impact exercise.

Water buoyancy carries about 90% of your body’s weight and grants your muscles and joints increased flexibility.

When the burden of gravity is essentially removed, your body can effortlessly maneuver in the water and execute movements that might have otherwise been difficult or painful on dry land.

Water also introduces resistance, causing your movements to be slightly slower than they are on land. This resistance enhances the effectiveness of your workout – often without you knowing – plus swim spa’s invigorating water prevents feelings of overexertion and fatigue.

Added bonus: Many swim spas offer exercise accessories – running pads, exercise steps, aqua bike, or resistance bands, to name a few. Your exercise options are seemingly limitless.

2. Year-Round Use

One standout benefit of a swim spa is year-long usability, extending across all 365 days.

The sophisticated control panel allows you to fine-tune the temperature, ensuring cooler waters during the summer and a warmer embrace throughout the winter months.

Swim spas should be constructed with high quality energy efficient insulation to keep the heat in and the elements out. Whether its 102F or -10F, look for a swim spa that stands up to the climate, and enjoy your swim spa all year.

3. It’s a Pool!

With their long, slim tank, swim spas are like compact swimming pools. This spacious yet condensed design provides numerous advantages akin to traditional swimming pools.

What makes a swim spa a swim spa? Robust jet systems! This system generates a forceful current, so you can walk, jog, swim or surf against it.

The jet’s powerful current offers increased resistance to permit stationary swimming. Even better – no open turns, flip turns or tumble turns needed – you just keep swimming – or surfing, rowing, or walking.

4. It’s a Hot Tub!

With a swim spa, you can go from surf’s up at one end to “ahh….” on the other end. Simply relax in warm, soothing water with therapeutic jets from neck to toe.

All the benefits of a hot tub are yours from complete relaxation, diminished stress, enhanced sleep routines, and injury recovery.

And don’t forget the potential positive impact on your social life! Friends love hot tubs!

A woman in a black swimsuit reaches forward to feel the hot tub water coming out of the waterfall feature.

5. Cost-Efficiency

Swimming pools typically span from 8 to 12 meters in length, whereas swim spas typically measure between 4 to 6 meters. This size contrast is why swim spas present a much lower initial expense compared to swimming pools.

In addition to the initial reduced water volume, heating requirements and chemical use due to their smaller dimensions, swim spas offer ongoing savings in other ways.

A swim spa generally costs less than a traditional in-ground pool, doesn’t take up as much space, and is easier to install – or even move if necessary.

Plus, you’ll find many options from a built-in swim spa to one that’s placed in your backyard. Swim spas come in various sizes with many different options. Overall, the installation costs are considerably lower compared to in-ground pool construction, which demands substantial labor and preparation efforts.

Even if you choose the most luxurious swim spa with all the accessories and features, the cost of purchase and installation will most likely be lower than the cost of a traditional swimming pool, and offer much more flexibility in use.

6. Health Benefits

Whether you swim, walk, hang out or simply relax, swim spas offer mental and physical health benefits. From the strong current they provide for a great workout to the gentle water flow that promotes relaxation and contributes to a positive impact on health, swim spa use can help:

  • Enhance your sleep patterns

  • Improve your mobility

  • Diminish stress and anxiety

  • Improve mental wellness

  • Weight loss and body-toning

  • Reduce muscle tension

  • Alleviate joint discomfort and arthritis

  • Accelerate recovery from injuries and surgeries

People who exercise in the water often see improved balance, strength, endurance, and flexibility — as well as less pain.

In-ground hot tub with a hose over it refilling it.

7. Convenience

Bid farewell to the stress of over-crowded public pools, the commute to upscale spas for relaxation and the quest for physical therapy centers. With a swim spa, you can enjoy invigorating swims and relaxing, rejuvenating time just steps away from your door!

8. Smaller Size

The standout feature of a swim spa is its optimal size. It strikes a balance, with ample space for workouts without taking up your entire backyard.

The use, maintenance and installation of swim spas are incredibly straightforward and convenient. Even if your yard space is limited, you have the flexibility to choose your perfect swim spa size!

9. Swimming Lessons

Knowing how to swim is one of the keys to safety!  Knowing that your family and friends know how to swim means much less worry.

Swim spas provide a controlled environment to for people to learn how to swim, from initial water acclimation to knowing how to hold your breath, float, tread water and swim.

Once basic swim strokes are mastered, what’s to stop anyone from becoming an experienced swimmer? Swim spas offer the challenge of swimming against vigorous current. Right in your own backyard.

10. Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy, also known as aquatic therapy, is a globally recognized water-based approach to physical therapy.

It assists in recovery from physical injuries and improves the quality of life of those in recovery.

Hydrotherapy incorporates temperature blend, buoyancy and massage.

It brings an array of health advantages including increased blood flow, the release of positive endorphins and improved overall well-being.

Hydrotherapy benefits individuals experiencing discomfort, pains and conditions like arthritis. Swim spa water helps stretch muscles, soothe joints, increase mobility and more.

Expert Advice: Before you integrate hydrotherapy in your physical health regimen, consult a healthcare professional.

An overhead shot of a swim spa with FROG @ease sitting on its edge alongside 3 rolled up white towels

What’s the number 1 objection?

Taking care of the swim spa. A swim spa is an investment, and water care is essential. But you don’t have to become a backyard chemist to take good care of your swim spa.

The Secret Solution

Maintaining clear, clean water isn’t that hard. And FROG can help.

FROG® @ease® Sanitizing System for Swim Spas is the first and only complete water care solution for swim spas.

With FROG @ease you’ll experience Cleaner, Clearer, Softer and Easier® swim spa water. FROG offers how-to videos for startup and troubleshooting.

Download the FREE FROG Water Care App at the App store or Google – you’ll have help at your fingertips 24/7.

Your local pool, hot tub, swim spa store will offer tons of help as well; they’re experts in swim spas and water care.

Older man reclined in the hot tub with his arms behind his head.

A little bit of knowledge goes a long way

What’s so special about FROG @ease?

For one, FROG @ease is the only sanitizing system on the market made for swim spas. It’s a complete system – no other sanitizer is needed. And it’s registered with the Environmental Protection Agency, an important consideration. That means all the claims FROG @ease makes are true.

When you’re faced with shelves of chemicals with all kinds of claims, you can be assured that FROG @ease will do what it says it will do – FROG has a Satisfaction Guarantee.

How does FROG work?

The System combines FROG Minerals and SmartChlor® Technology to kill bacteria 2 ways.

The result is Fresh Mineral Water® that’s silky soft with far less odors.

The best part? FROG @ease is self-regulating.

FROG @ease keeps a low level of chlorine in the water at all times. And when more sanitizer is needed, it automatically delivers it. When you need to replace the SmartChlor cartridge, it flips over.

Purchase FROG @ease for Swim Spas at your local retailer. Find yours here.

Swim Spas are Life-Changing

A swim spa is not just a luxurious addition to your lifestyle; it’s a transformative game-changer with many benefits. It provides a fun and effective way to exercise and can be used year-round. Not only does it act as a pool and hot tub, it also is cost-effective all while offering numerous health benefits.

Its convenience, smaller size, and numerous health benefits solidifies its place as a solution for a healthier and more enjoyable life.

With products like FROG @ease Sanitizing System for Swim Spas, it’s easy to maintain your swim spa. If you’re looking for a way to change your life for the better, consider a swim spa and how it can bring joy to your day-to-day!


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