Did you know that almost all pool owners struggle with the same 5 water maintenance challenges?

Pool season is open, and even if you’ve successfully opened your pool, you’ll want to be sure to keep it clean and clear.

That means it’s a good time to brush up the 5 best ways to keep your pool ready for action! Then you’ll be ready tackle them if they happen.

Three Test Strips sitting on the edge of the pool outside

1. Keep chlorine levels consistent and not too high

You may not realize you’re using too much chlorine until you notice your swimsuits bleach out quickly, swimmers complain about itchy skin, red eyes or “that chlorine smell.”

Worse, your pool surfaces may become faded or pitted. You may even think that’s to be expected.  But that’s not true.

Whatever sanitizer you’re using, you may want to consider using FROG® products. Why? Because FROG products cut chlorine use in half and, they kill bacteria 2 ways, with a low level of chlorine and minerals.

Water is kept at a low 0.5 – 1.0 chlorine level; (industry standards for all-chlorine pools are to keep chlorine levels at 1.0 – 3.0 ppm).

With much less chlorine, swimsuits stay brighter longer, water feels softer, stays cleaner and clearer, is less irritating and doesn’t smell.

Plus, your pool surfaces have much less wear and tear from the harsh effects of chlorine.

What to do if your pool is overchlorinated? Check out this video:

2. Keep the water balanced

Getting the pH and Total Alkalinity (TA) at the right levels can be a challenge, especially when those levels are apt to change with every new chemical you add to the water.

Pool FROG Cycler next to Flippin' FROG and the Fresh Mineral Water Logo

One thing especially great about FROG is that FROG  Minerals have no negative effect on pH or TA.

FROG Minerals help keep pH from dropping.  Plus, with less chlorine in the water, the effect on water balance is minimized.

That means there’s less need to constantly monitor the water. Instead of daily maintenance, FROG requires weekly maintenance – wouldn’t you rather work less and enjoy your pool more?

For quick help on water balance, check out our Water Balancing Guide. The FROG Water Care App also has a link to the Water Balance Guide.

The word algae circled and crossed out in red

3. Keep algae out

Algae – a pool owner’s biggest fear. If you’ve had algae, you know it’s costly and time consuming to clean up.  It’s definitely better to prevent algae from getting into your pool than it is to get it out of your pool.

With FROG 3 things fight bacteria, contaminants, and algae:

  1. FROG Minerals

  2. A low level of chlorine

  3. FROG BAM® 90-Day Algae Preventive (it comes with an Algae Protection Guarantee!)

Yes, we know, things happen. If you do find your pool with an algae mess, don’t wait. Correct it immediately – it will only get worse. Check out this video for help.

The key to fighting algae: the instant you see it, clean it out thoroughly. Don’t let it take hold. Use FROG BAM® and you won’t see algae.

4. Avoid messy, smelly chemicals

No one wants to touch chlorine or get a whiff of it from the container – that can just about knock you off your feet! And accidental spills are all too common.

That won’t happen with FROG. All FROG’s components are prefilled. You simply remove, recycle if possible and replace when needed. It’s no mess, no guess and no stress!

FROG Minerals last 6 months. Take note that when you open your pool for the season, you’ll need a new Mineral Reservoir. Buy it at your pool store, it’s quick and easy to replace and then you’ll experience the “full FROG effect” – Cleaner, Clearer, Softer water that’s Easier® to take care of.

Say good-bye to chlorine’s smelly mess and the need to store it properly and safely. FROG makes life so much easier – it’s like a breath of fresh air!

Woman splashing around and smiling in an above ground pool.

5. Keep it simple

Have you ever gone to the pool store and come home with an armful of chemicals? Then, as you add each chemical, it has a different dosage and must be used at different times. That’s complicated.

Plus, you must store the chemicals properly, keeping them away from children and pets, and ensuring they remain dry.

FROG offers another way to eliminate this as well. Prefilled Cartridges mean no measuring and make storage simple.

Water care doesn’t have to be difficult to understand.

Bonus tip: have some fun

If you’re going to buy extra stuff for your pool, buy some fun things – floaty’s, lights, waterproof speakers, games, the list goes on and on. Spend more time on fun pool stuff and more time in the pool than working on it.

A group of kids holding pool floaties running into the pool

Now you can conquer all 5 common challenges. If your friends or neighbors are struggling with their pool water care, why not tell them about FROG?

A FROG reaching out of the water with the word FROG below it in bright colors

If you’d like to talk to a water care expert, you can email us at customer.service@kingtechnology.com or call 800-222-0169.


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