Uncover The Secrets That Will Make Pool Opening a Success

Afraid to uncover your pool? You may have good reason. You may find a green pool, or worse, a swamp. You may find critters who’ve been able to find their way under the cover – and their babies. But never fear, we’ve got 2 secrets for your success:

  • Your pool retailer has years of pool opening experience. Like ghost busters, there’s nothing too small and nothing too big they can’t handle

  • The FREE FROG® Water Care App can show you your pool retailer’s contact information instantly, or help you find a local pool retailer. It can also diagnose a problem and show you videos on how to help open your pool

WATCH NOW: How to Open Your Pool in 3 Minutes

The biggest question may be when is the best time to open the pool?

It’s better to open your pool earlier rather than later. It’s not about the month, it’s about the temperature, whatever region you’re located in.

It’s best to open your pool before your water temperature reaches 60º. Or, open it when the outside daytime temperature stays consistently above 70º.


When a pool is closed, the water is stagnant since the pump isn’t operating. And, when the water temperature rises above 60º algae growth is set into motion. Don’t give it a chance, open your pool even if you don’t plan to use it; it’s easier to maintain it once it’s opened than to let it sit stagnant.

What do I need to clean my pool?

  • A pool cover pump

  • A broom and/or a shovel

  • Pool brush

  • Pool vacuum

  • Garden hose

  • Gloves

  • Compost bag, garbage bag or trash can

  • Container for water

What are the steps to pool opening?

  1. Remove all debris from the pool deck and pool cover, taking care not to damage the pool cover. Use a pump to drain water off the cover if needed.

  2. Remove the pool cover. Then lay it out flat to clean it off properly; use a garden hose and a brush if needed. Inspect it for damage; repair as needed and store it in a sturdy container with a tight-fitting lid. It’ll be months before you’ll need it again!

  3. Clean out the skimmer (best to use gloves for that!)

  4. Inspect the pool: Check for damage, leaks, cracks or tears in the pool walls or liner and floor of the pool. If you find any damage, have it repaired before filling the pool.

  5. Clean the pool: Use a pool brush to clean the walls and floor of the pool. Remove debris that may have collected on the bottom.

  6. Clean out the filter: Depending on the type of filter on your pool, you’ll want to inspect and remove debris, dust, and dirt – or insert a new filter. (For Sand or DE filters, ask your local retailer or follow the pump manufacturer’s instructions.)

  7. Add water to the appropriate level.

Use our FROG Water Balance Guide for next steps.

It’s easy to follow and you’ll be all set for the final steps to open your pool.

Once the pool is clean and the water is balanced you’re ready to sanitize your pool and only hours away from official opening.

When it comes to sanitizing your pool, wouldn’t it be great to use less chlorine and maintain crystal clear, sparking water that’s ready when you are?

FROG offers several options – no matter what size your pool. Only FROG offers a complete sanitizing system that combines a low level of chlorine and FROG Minerals. Flippin’ FROG® and Pool FROG® will keep your pool water Cleaner, Clearer, Softer and Easier® to manage.

Or, try Instant FROG® – it fits in the skimmer basket on in-ground pools. It’s the easiest mineral sanitizer up to 25,000 gallons, reduces chlorine use up to 50%* and lasts up to 6 months. It works with your chlorine sanitizer.

With FROG products, you’ll use up to 50% less chlorine!* With less chlorine, your suits stay brighter longer, odors are almost nonexistent, surfaces are protected and water feels softer.

Be sure to try FROG BAM® 90-day algae preventive. We guarantee you won’t get algae.

Cleaned. Balanced. Sanitized. That’s it! Your pool is ready for the season.

If you need help along the way, consult the FROG Water Care App, your local retailer, or call our Customer Service Department at 800-222-0169 Mon-Fri 8-5 Central or email us at customer.service@kingtechnology.com

* Compared to the minimum EPA recommended chlorine level of 1.0 ppm for a stabilized swimming pool.

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