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FROG<sup>®</sup> Jump Start<sup>®</sup>

This convenient and effective spa start-up hot tub shock comes in an easy to pour packet, with a unique effervescent feature so you know it’s working. Its bubbling action properly shocks your hot tub water and sets the initial chlorine level on freshly filled spas up to 500 gallons; and for SPA FROG® Mineral System users, it helps extend the life of your bromine cartridges. Simply open and pour the hot tub shock package into your spa when starting up a freshly filled hot tub (approximately every 4 months). Not currently using the SPA FROG Fresh Mineral Water® System to take care of your hot tub? Learn how you can use less chlorine and bromine while still enjoying softer crystal clear water, with no faded swimsuits or smelly odors. SPA FROG Floating System | SPA FROG In-Line Hot Tub System


  • Start-up shock for any hot tub up to 500 gallons
  • No measuring our cap-fulls per hot tub size
  • Just cut the corner and pour into the hot tub
  • Unique effervescence helps the di-chlor dissolve quickly
  • Provides a low chlorine residual to get the tub started
  • Use every time you refill the tub with fresh water



How It Works

FROG Jump Start provides a dichlor chlorine shock with a unique effervescence that is designed specifically for starting-up a freshly filled spa. It’s a one-dose-fits-all shock product that dissolves quickly. The bubbling action properly sets the initial chlorine level on spas up to 500 gallons and creates a start-up level of sanitizer that can be used to help find the right setting for the bromine cartridge (see manual for instructions).

FROG<sup>®</sup> Jump Start<sup>®</sup>
FROG<sup>®</sup> Jump Start<sup>®</sup>
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Enjoy your spa with Frog products


Bottled shock treatments are full of guesswork and hassles. With FROG® Jump Start®, there's no measuring and no liquid splash.

Enjoy your spa with Frog products
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8 thoughts on “FROG® Jump Start®

  1. Kelsey crisp

    Put packet in 200 gal spa. Chlorine way above 5+ now. To have a warning to not get in spa if above 3ppm.
    Now we have a brand new spa we can’t use for a undetermined period until levels decrease. To say this jumpstart packet works on any size spa is bizarre. To have a health warning against chlorine levels above 3 and then instruct to put A 500 gal dose in my 200gal spa, the result is chlorine at a dangerous level.

    1. Bryan Wall

      We apologize for the inconvenience. We will take a look at our Jump Start instructions. But the good news is chlorine levels in hot tubs can dissipate fairly quickly. Keep the cover off and check levels in a day or so. Running the jets may speed things up. If you need to use the tub sooner, consider draining some of the water and adding fresh water. That will reduce the level right away.

      Please follow up with me and let me know if there is anything else we can try to help with.


    1. Sarah Miller


      After you shock the spa with Jump Start, you can insert the cartridges immediately. Set and keep the Mineral Cartridge on 6; Bromine Cartridge set on 3 or 4 and then adjust to stay within 1-2ppm Bromine level.

      Please wait 24 hours after shocking to test the water. Also, please do not use the spa for 24 hours anytime you use Jump Start.



  2. Elizabeth Tingler

    we used this product to start our hot tub for the season. we also uised the floating sanitizing system . It is great. our hot tub is 500 gal. everything is product i have found .

    1. Tom Sager

      Hi Dave,

      We recommend that you use the entire packet of Jump Start for your spa, regardless of the size.

      Thank you.

      FROG Pool & Spa Products

  3. Wendell

    Our dealer said to only shock when we refill every 4 months. You say you can monthly, if so
    Would it damage the south seas spa? Also my dealer sells the silver colored chorine but on the internat it’s yellow, what’s the difference? Thx

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