POOL FROG® Model 6100

Automatic Mineral Pool Care System for up to 25,000 Gallons.

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POOL FROG is a hassle-free pool care system that doesn’t just kill bacteria but kills bacteria two ways – with FROG minerals and a small amount of chlorine. The result is Fresh Mineral Water® that is crystal clear and silky soft. There’s no daily dosing required, no heavy chlorine odors, and you get weeks of consistent, effective water care. You’ll never have to handle or measure pool chemicals, because everything you need comes in pre-filled cartridges.

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10K-25K Gallons

For swimming pools up to 25,000 gallons

Icon 2 Ways

Kills bacteria two ways with minerals and chlorine

Icon 50% Less

Lower your chlorine use up to 50%* with minerals

Icon Precision Performance

Precision performance – just set it and forget it

Soft Feeling

With less chlorine, it’s easier on skin and helps protect pool surfaces

Icon Cartridge

Pre-filled cartridges for no mess, no guess, no stress

Icon 90 Days

90 Day Algae Protection Guarantee with FROG BAM®

Icon Lifetime Warranty

10-Year warranty on the POOL FROG Cycler


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Additional Information

The POOL FROG Model 6100 Fresh Mineral Water pool system utilizes our patented formula of sanitizing minerals along with a LOW level of chlorine to destroy bacteria. All components are introduced into the water via the Cycler, installed after your pools pump and filter. The Mineral Reservoir is inserted first and lasts all summer, while the chlorine Bac Pac®s fit inside the Mineral Reservoir and are dialed in to your pool’s exact needs. Less waste. Less work. Leaves your pool for nothing but fun!

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How would I get started with POOL FROG?

Your dealer would help you install a POOL FROG Cycler on your pool and supply you with the POOL FROG pacs that go inside. After that, it’s easy!  Simply replace the pacs when needed.

Which pacs fit the POOL FROG 6100 system?

Mineral: POOL FROG Mineral Reservoir 25K
Chlorine: POOL FROG Bac Pac

How long do the pacs last?

The POOL FROG Mineral Reservoir lasts 6 months or one pool season whichever is shorter. The POOL FROG Bac Pac will last 1-3 weeks; depending on the size of the pool and how often the pool is used.

Why should I use FROG BAM?

If you struggle with the mess of algae every summer, FROG BAM is the answer. FROG Bam is pre-filled and pre-measured to treat up to 15,000 gallons each; use multiple bottles to treat bigger pools. No algae for 90 days — guaranteed!

How does POOL FROG measure up to other pool sanitizing systems?

POOL FROG has been sanitizing pools since 1997 and has hundreds of thousands of happy customers.  It is very effective, easy to use with pre-filled replacements, helps maintain the water with far less work and is reasonably priced.

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* Compared to the minimum EPA recommended chlorine level of 1.0 ppm for a stabilized swimming pool.

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See Our Customer Reviews

  1. Barbara J Ward

    Rating: 4

    We do like our Frog Pool System. It keeps our water crystal clear with not too much maintenance. It is a bit on the expensive side, but we’ve chosen to keep it because it just works and I don’t have to.

  2. Jaclyn Horvath

    Rating: 3

    I don’t know if it’s working or not. We have a new pool set up in April 2021, and the installers inserted the cartridge, which I later discovered was not put in correctly, so it was bent and the paper cap was partially punctured. I put it in the right way, but constantly have white on the chlorine test strips, and always need pH down or muriatic acid. It never seems to get to balanced. I wish there was a test for whether the system is working. The water is clear, no algae, no odor, so I guess it’s ok. But I don’t like guessing.

    • Kris Gruidl

      Hi Jaclyn,
      Thanks for your post – we’re sorry to hear you’re having some difficulty and we have a few suggestions. We have start-up tips on the FROG Water Care App under “Diagnose a Problem.” You can download it free at the App Store or Google. We’d also invite you to call Dan at 800-222-0169 or email him at dan.mosier@kingtechnology.com He’ll ask some important questions that will help you get your pool water just right.

    • Kris Gruidl

      Hi David, we’re really happy you love the system, and it works great! Thanks for the review! The difficulty turning the knob (we call it the Dial) can be corrected; please try using the Cap Control Dial Tool – one end of it will adjust the dial. You could also try lubricating it or replacing the O Ring. If none of these suggestions work, please call Dan at 800-222-0169 or dan.mosier@kingtechnology.com him, he can answer any questions.

    • Kris Gruidl

      Hi Jaclyn,
      Thanks for your post – we’re sorry to hear you’re having some difficulty and we have a few suggestions: It sounds like the Bac Pac (chlorine cartridge) may have an air lock. It’s easy to fix – Turn the pump off. Remove the Bac Pac from the Cycler. If its dry – there’s no tablet erosion that means, you’ll have no chlorine reading. To correct it – submerge the Bac Pac completely in your pool. Hold the Bac Pac under water until it fills completely with water and no bubbles occur. This will not cause premature chlorine erosion; the chlorine erosion process is slow, and this will not accelerate it. Remove the Bac Pac from the water, replace it in your Cycler. Turn the pump on. Test your water again to determine Free Chlorine Level. Additional steps for you: Ensure the pressure is sufficient going into the Cycler, 4-8 psi. Using non-chlorine shock oxidizer weekly on the pool will assist with their other levels not bouncing around so much because you’re using it to oxidize contaminants out of the pool. Water can still contain algae even if it’s not green, spores are microscopic! It would be wise to get a water test at your local dealer to see if there are any components eating up the chlorine like algae or phosphates.

  3. thomas rice

    love your products

  4. Daniel Lavoie

    Rating: 2

    I don’t trust it. Put what I was told was a new mineral pack before this season and only a month in I am fighting algae. No where near the protection of previous years.

    • Kris Gruidl

      Hey Daniel, sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Algae grows for several reasons. Not enough chlorine is one reason, which leads us to think your pool may be under-chlorinated. We’re curious what your pool’s chlorine level is. In the meanwhile, check out this video, it may help you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FE8_3kYhwsw&t=166s For more help, please call Dan at 800-222-0169 or email him at dan.mosier@kingtechnology.com he can walk you through the steps to correct the algae and even better, to prevent it.

  5. Terry Kuhs

    WORKS GOOD FOR ME, Iused a algae pack at the beginning of the season without much success like in the past. I HAVE used the Frog for 14 years now

  6. Toni McDonald

    Rating: 5

    We decided to go with Pool Frog because I have a slight allergy to chlorine, the lower the amount of chlorine in the water, the happier I am. Frog has been awesome, it’s almost like pool balancing for dummies! I test the water once a week, enter the results in the app and it tells me exactly what to do. Before Frog, I was constantly guessing, adding chemicals in the wrong order, if you could mess it up, I did! Our water has remained balanced , clear and algae free all summer. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to spend less time playing with chemicals and more time enjoying the pool.

  7. Robert F Henry

    Rating: 5

    Makes my pool Crystal clear also makes maintaining my pool a breeze awesome product

  8. Craig jenkins

    Rating: 5

    I have used the Frog for 6 years now and have enjoyed the ease of use this system gives. It makes opening and maintaining my pool throughout the summer a breeze.

  9. Eliot J Faber

    What is there to say…Everyone is so afraid of all the “hard work” it takes to maintain a pool. With the Frog Leap system, it does not get any easier. My neighbors are always complaining about something wrong with their pool. Six years and counting and beyond crystal clear water 100% of the time…..

  10. Sandy Riley-Eversole

    Rating: 5

    This is my first year owning a pool and I could not be happier about buying the Pool Frog system. I was afraid of the amount of maintenance required with a pool but, this system makes owning a pool a pleasure. Having to stay at home because of the pandemic was a joy not a burden with a beautiful relaxing pool in the back yard. I am so glad I listened to a friend that recommended the Pool Frog system and now I highly recommend it too.

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