POOL FROG® Model 6100

Spend hours on pool maintenance or let POOL FROG handle it.

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POOL FROG is a hassle-free pool care system that doesn’t just kill bacteria but kills bacteria two ways – with FROG minerals and a small amount of chlorine. The result is Fresh Mineral Water® that is crystal clear and silky soft. There’s no daily dosing required, no heavy chlorine odors, and you get weeks of consistent, effective water care. You’ll never have to handle or measure pool chemicals, because everything you need comes in pre-filled cartridges.

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10K-25K Gallons

For swimming pools 10,000 to 25,000 gallons

Icon 2 Ways

Kills bacteria two ways with minerals and chlorine

Icon 50% Less

Lower your chlorine use up to 50%* with minerals

Icon Precision Performance

Precision performance – just set it and forget it

Soft Feeling

Easy on skin and helps protects pool surfaces

Icon Cartridge

Pre-filled cartridges for no mess, no guess, no stress

Icon 90 Days

90 Day Algae Protection Guarantee with FROG BAM®

Icon Lifetime Warranty

10-Year warranty on the POOL FROG Cycler


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Additional Information

The POOL FROG Model 6100 Fresh Mineral Water pool system utilizes our patented formula of sanitizing minerals along with a LOW level of chlorine to destroy bacteria. All components are introduced into the water via the Cycler, installed after your pools pump and filter. The Mineral Reservoir is inserted first and lasts all summer, while the chlorine Bac Pac®s fit inside the Mineral Reservoir and are dialed in to your pool’s exact needs. Less waste. Less work. Leaves your pool for nothing but fun!

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How would I get started with POOL FROG?

Your dealer would help you install a POOL FROG Cycler on your pool and supply you with the POOL FROG pacs that go inside. After that, it’s easy!  Simply replace the pacs when needed.

Which pacs fit the POOL FROG 6100 system?

Mineral: POOL FROG Mineral Reservoir 25K
Chlorine: POOL FROG Bac Pac

How long do the pacs last?

The POOL FROG Mineral Reservoir lasts 6 months or one pool season whichever is shorter. The POOL FROG Bac Pac will last 1-3 weeks; depending on the size of the pool and how often the pool is used.

Why should I use FROG BAM?

If you struggle with the mess of algae every summer, FROG BAM is the answer. FROG Bam is pre-filled and pre-measured to treat up to 15,000 gallons each; use multiple bottles to treat bigger pools. No algae for 90 days — guaranteed!

How does POOL FROG measure up to other pool sanitizing systems?

POOL FROG has been sanitizing pools since 1997 and has hundreds of thousands of happy customers.  It is very effective, easy to use with pre-filled replacements, helps maintain the water with far less work and is reasonably priced.

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* Compared to the minimum EPA recommended chlorine level of 1.0 ppm for a stabilized swimming pool.

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See Our Customer Reviews

  1. Cat Pesek

    Rating: 5

    Best Pool Chemicals Ever!!! Very Low maintenance, easy to use and water stays blue all season. Will NEVER go back to our old chemicals that always caused green pool water!!! Love the Frog System!!! Highly Recommend it!!!

  2. Helen P.

    Rating: 5

    The Frog system is a no brainer! Our pool water is always perfect and we hardly have to think about it. Very easy to maintain, we love it!

  3. Cheryl J Ecker

    Rating: 5

    love the frog system. Water is crystal clear and very low maintenance!

  4. Chuck B

    Rating: 5

    It doesn’t get any better or easier with the Pool Frog. I have a semi-inground 12×24 oval. My pool is almost maintenance free. I just change the chlorine packs every three weeks, and shock it every other week. The water is always crystal clear and leaves my skin clean and smooth. I highly recommend this product.

  5. christopher felt

    Rating: 5

    i have used the pool frog for 5 seasons and every year my pool is crystal clear from the day i open in may until i put it to rest in october. fantastic system and i recommend it to anyone who owns a pool

  6. Bill G

    Rating: 5

    We switched to Pool Frog several years ago. Our pool is always crystal clear and has made pool maintenance a non issue. Great product and would not want to do without it.

  7. Jody S Marlin

    Rating: 5

    The Frog makes it so simple to maintain my pool. I just install one every 2-3 weeks during the summer and I’ m good to go. If I need to increase or decrease the chlorine level, it is so easy to adjust the dial.

  8. Lester Hill

    Rating: 5

    I told our pool supplier that I wanted the best and most simple system available. He recommended the frog system. It has been absolutely amazing over the last four seasons of our swimming pool. It is so simple and easy and our water is perfect almost all of the time. My sister and her family put in a pool this year and our son and his family now have a pool and I had them both use the frog system and they absolutely love it.

  9. John B

    Rating: 5

    So easy to change out mineral cartridge once for the season and then chlorine packs weekly. Water was perfect all season long even with all of the rain! Highly recommended.

  10. Jon Rizzo

    Rating: 5

    Love this product … very low maintenance and my water was crystal clear all summer long .

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