Algae Prevention for 90 Days Guaranteed with FROG Leap

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Algae is a pool owner’s worst nightmare. But a single dose of FROG Leap ALL-OUT ensures only pleasant dreams all season long.  Unlike most algae preventatives that need weekly doses, FROG Leap ALL-OUT is one dose that guarantees an algae-free pool for 90 full days.  It also helps protect the pool all winter long so spring opening is a lot easier. ALL-OUT dispenses (without a spill!) through any FROG Leap System in less than 90 minutes.

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Uniquely dispenses through the FROG Leap Infuzer®

Prevents algae messes for up to 90 days

Part of the Pool Wake Up!® / Pool Hibernation Kit®

Each bottle treats up to 15,000 gallons

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Additional Information

ALL-OUT distributes a powerful algae preventative into the water through the FROG Leap Infuzer for even distribution and no mess. In just 90 minutes of circulation, you gain 90 days of algae-free fun – guaranteed.

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How does FROG Leap ALL-OUT work?

Simply insert upside down into the FROG Leap Anti-Bac Mineral Pac, set the dial on the Infuzer to 10 and wait one hour for ALL-OUT to evenly distribute throughout the pool.  Then sit back and enjoy 90 days of algae free pool water!

What is the guarantee?

If algae occurs, we will send you enough FROG Leap ALL-OUT to clean up the mess. See instructions.

Are there any concerns about using copper?

Not with FROG Leap ALL-OUT’S effectively low level that stays in suspension for 90 days.

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  1. Anthony Cappelletty

    Rating: 5

    We are in our 1st year with our new pool, the frog system is easy and eliminates daily maintenance. Once every other week we check our torpedo pac replace if needed, perfectly clear clean water.

  2. Roseann

    Rating: 5

    We love the Frog system & products. Our skin feels great, not dry & bathing suits do not fade. We’ve had our pool for 11 years now. The frog system & filter still work. The pool itself has no rust. Thank you to Pelican Pools.

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