Keys to a Successful Pool

Frog Pool Products

Pool Circulation, Water filtration, water balancing and sanitization.

In order to create swimming pool water that’s clean and clear, these four things working together are the key to success: circulation, filtration, water balance and sanitization. One problem with any of these four things and the result can be a pool that looks uninviting and is uncomfortable.



Circulation is how well the water moves around the pool. Proper circulation means that your water is mixing and filtering properly – top to bottom, which is imperative to keep small debris out of the pool and ensure that the sanitizing chemicals are being adequately distributed throughout the entire swimming pool. When there is poor circulation in your pool, the results can be detrimental to all of your pool equipment if not corrected. Poor circulation means added pressure on your pool pump and pipes. Proper pump selection and run time, along with frequent swimmers in your pool, will help keep your water moving and circulating; and a balanced swimming pool will ensure your pump doesn’t work harder than it needs to. The more the water is moving, the better circulation your pool will have.

With FROG® products allowing for 50% less chlorine, there is no need to run your circulation longer than is necessary. Click here to determine the ideal pump run time for your FROG pool. If you’re not sure of your pump horse power, check the pump’s labeling or directions, contact your dealer or e-mail the manufacturer.


Filtration is the process of removing dirt and debris from your water as it circulates. Skimmers and strainers help strain out the larger items, like leaves, while filters work to remove tiny particles like dirt and oil.

Water Balance

Water balance and water chemistry are perhaps the most important factors to consider when maintaining your swimming pool because it helps your pool chemicals work properly, and makes the water more appealing and pleasant to be in. Simply stated, water balance describes the relationship between different chemicals in your pool. “Balanced” water has the optimal level of pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness and dissolved solids in relation to its temperature.

Unbalanced water or poor water chemistry can not only cause problems for your pool and equipment because of its scaling and corrosive tendencies, it can also significantly reduce the effectiveness of your sanitizing chemicals, forcing you to add more in order to achieve the proper chlorine concentration in your pool water. Frequent testing and periodic adjustments will help keep your water balanced and the money in your pocket.


Sanitizing is the process of ridding the water of bacteria and other contaminants that enter the pool through the people using it and the outside environment. This typically involves a sanitizer or disinfectant, such as chlorine or bromine, that focuses on bacteria, algae and an oxidizer designed to remove all organics (i.e. body oils, make up and environmental debris). The sanitizer needs to be maintained at a certain level continuously, which is called a residual, while the oxidizer is used often on just a weekly basis or after a pool party or rainstorm. This is often called a pool shock.

FROG® Systems use minerals as a sanitizer so you need far less of the normal sanitizers – chlorine or bromine. The result is Fresh Mineral Water that’s cleaner, clearer and softer than standard water treatments or salt systems.

The four keys to success can take very little time to manage especially when using FROG®. For more information, our Customer Service Department is ready to help at 800-222-0169 or through our Contact Us page.