Swim Spa Equipment

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Swim Spa Equipment Information

When you get to know your swim spa equipment and how It operates, it makes maintenance easier. Not all swim spas have the exact same equipment, but they do all have  a few things in common: a filter, a pump, a heater and jets.


Filters are essential to help keep the water clean. As water flows through the filter, it traps oils, dirt, hair and other organics in the water.

A swim spa will contain either a skimmer, a filter or a combination skimmer/filter. And it may have more than one filter.

Filter’s must be routinely cleaned and replaced. Check with your manufacturer to find out how to clean the filter in your swim spa, and when to purchase a new one.

A best practice is to have a new filter on hand, so that you don’t have to continue using one if it becomes damaged, uncleanable, or allow your swim spa to be unusable while you purchase a new filter. If you suddenly need a new filter, you’ll have one – you can put it in and keep on swimming, soaking or hanging out in your swim spa!

Pump / Motor

The pump circulates the water in the swim spa. Check with your manufacturer about the details of your swim spa’s pump. Keep in mind the more jets your swim spa has, the more horsepower is needed. Some swim spas contain more than one pump. You’ll want to learn how to keep your pump in good working condition.


The swim spa water is warmed as it passes through the heater assembly. Check with the manufacturer of your swim spa; if you’re looking for a new swim spa, you may have some options on heaters to choose from.

When it comes to heaters, you’ll want to consider several important factors including: The climate your swim spa is located in, the size of your swim spa, and the voltage of the heater. They all play a big part in the heater’s ability to heat the water up quickly and maintain heat.

A very important aspect of swim spas is the amount of insulation built into the swim spa. This will not only determine the swim spa’s ability to maintain that heat, but also protect the swim spa from damage. Whether temperature unexpectedly dip below 32F or are well-below zero in the winter, frozen pipes, pumps, or jets can permanently damage a swim spa.


Water returns into the swim spa through jets, which give bursts of water that create a soothing massage, and of course a strong current of water that makes the swim spa, a “swim” spa – or a surf spa!

The pump powers the water rushing through the jets, so learning about the jets is an important aspect of selecting a swim spa. Different swim spa brands have different types of jets, and the jets have different purposes. A swim spa dealer will help you select the swim spa that fits what you want to use the swim spa for.

Optional Equipment Features

  • Most swim spas offer a host of different equipment features from blowers to audio, lights and exercise options. Swim spa dealers will have a list of what comes standard and what’s optional. A few options that can make a big difference in on-going water care and the life of your swim spa. Some essentials include:
  • Covers: made to fit the top of the swim spa, a good fitting cover is key to keeping your swim spa free of debris, retaining water heat and also acts as a safety device to keep children and/or animals ou
  • Look at the cover density, length of the apron that extends off the cover (the longer the better) and a heat seal gasket at the fold crease of the cover to prevent vapor
  • Control Systems: From basic controls to elaborate, swim spas will differ. Automatic shut-off and panel locking are helpful safety pre Fault display will help diagnose a swim spa problem, remote operation allows swim spa control from a distance and there are many, many more options to choose from.
  • Sanitation Systems: Whatever swim spa you choose, you must also choose a sanitation system. You have options to sanitize your swim spa water.

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*Compared to the minimum ANSI recommended chlorine level of 2.0 ppm for a swim spa