FROG Leap® Pool Wake-Up!® / Pool Hibernation®

Opening your Pool or Closing your Pool Made Easy

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The beginning and end of pool season doesn’t have to be a chore.  FROG Leap Pool Wake Up! / Pool Hibernation is a convenient kit that makes opening a pool incredibly easy so you can feel confident that your pool is good to go.  In the fall, it also provides all the protection you need to shut your pool down for the winter.

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Each kit handles pools up to 15,000 gallons (2 kits for 30,000 gallons, etc.)

For optimal performance of the FROG Leap Systems

Worry-free way to winterize swimming pools

Pre-filled for no mess, no guess and no stress

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The kit includes three products, all designed to function within the FROG LEAP Infuzer as easily as Ready, Set, Go. You ready the pool with Depth Charge® that dispenses in 1 hour and is then removed and the pac recycled. Then you set the initial chlorine level with Reveille® that again dispenses in one hour. Lastly your pool is ready to go after ALL-OUT 90 Day Algae Preventative that dispenses in 90 minutes.

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How does this start-up / winterizing kit differ from others?

We’ve taken all the guess work out of how much of each chemical to use and there’s no chance of accidentally spilling chemicals on yourself or other surfaces. When used for winterizing, it makes spring clean up even easier.  All you need is in one convenient box in the spring and one in the fall.

What are the ingredients and what do they do?

Depth Charge is a non-chlorine shock that rids the water of contaminants. Reveille is Dichlor to set the chlorine residual and All-Out is a 90 day algae preventative that’s guaranteed to protect your pool against algae!

How long do I dispense each product?

Depth Charge and Reveille take 1 hour and ALL-OUT dispenses in 90 minutes.

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  1. Debby A Wall-Erlandson

    Rating: 5

    The best chlorination system so easy to use and my pool has never been so clean with soft water.

  2. Linda Hawse

    Rating: 5

    So easy compared to our old pool. Recommended to everyone getting a pool

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