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Most test strips are designed to test for chlorine levels of conventional sanitizing systems.  But FROG isn’t a conventional system. Our bacterial-killing minerals cut the need for chlorine or bromine in half. We created FROG Test strips to help you dial in the correct low levels in your pool — which can make your chlorine cartridge last twice as long.

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Quick and easy – just dip, shake and get an accurate reading in 2 seconds

The ideal chlorine levels are right on the bottle

Also tests for pH, Total Alkalinity and Hardness

Helps FROG pool pacs cartridges last longer


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Frog Testing

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In 2 seconds, you can know precisely what level of chlorine or bromine is in the water as well as balance your pH, Total Alkalinity and Hardness. Simply dip the FROG Test Strip into the water, remove with the pads facing up and shake once to remove the water. Then put it up to the color chart on the bottle and compare. If you are in the ideal ranges as shown with the green brackets, then you are experiencing Fresh Mineral Water®!

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What if I use regular test strips with my FROG product?

Regular test strips will not show the ideal chlorine or bromine range used with FROG products.  Their ideal range is higher which means you would use more chlorine or bromine than you need – costing more to replace your pacs or cartridges.

What is the ideal chlorine or bromine range for FROG?

For chlorine in pools it is 0.5 to 1.0 ppm. For chlorine or bromine in hot tubs, it is 1.0 to 2.0 ppm.

How are FROG Test Strips different from FROG @ease Test Strips?

FROG @ease for hot tubs uses a special type of chlorine that is self-regulating, so users don’t have to monitor their free chlorine levels.  Those test strips simply have an out indicator when SmartChlor is empty.  FROG Test Strips are for all other FROG product users as it shows the ideal free chlorine or bromine range that you can adjust your product settings to achieve.

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See Our Customer Reviews

  1. Jolene

    I use flippin frog for the 12 ft above ground pool. The color on my strips isn’t the easiest to match after dipping it in the pool because it’s not the exact color of anything shown.

    When I use other test strips it shows free chlorine at 10 ppm.

    Is this normal, or are the chlorine levels too high? I have it at the lowest setting.

  2. Kevin Maximo

    Rating: 5

    I love the strips, but I do have a question. I often have where the pH shows Purple. Problem is the ranges are supposed to be from Orange to Red. All my other chemicals check out. Question is. Does Purple mean very low or very high pH???

  3. Lateisha

    Rating: 4

    Are the strips comparable with the app? I’ve not found anything that lines up exactly with the app

  4. Rich Gittins

    Rating: 5

    I love how easy the test strips are to use.I have one question though. For 4 months, my Bromine level was good. Now all of a sudden, the color on the strip is white. There’s not really a white on the color spectrum. There is a yellowish tint and then it gradually gets more purple. Where my reader is white, does that mean too little Bromine or too much?

    • Tom Sager

      Hi Rich,
      Thanks for the review! We are glad you are finding our test strips easy to use.

      That is a great question about your test strip reading very light. If your test strip is white, then there is not enough bromine in your hot tub. Please add shock to get the bromine levels up. Additionally, check your cartridge to see if it is empty and if so, then replace it. If there is still bromine in the cartridge, then turn it up to the next level in addition to shocking.

      Test strips are susceptible to bleaching after shocking, so wait 24 hours after shocking your hot tub before testing. We also recommend checking the expiration date on the test strips to ensure most accurate results. You can also test with a second source such as your local dealer after shocking and turning up your cartridge.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions. We can be reached at 1-800-222-0169 or

      Thank you.

  5. Joe Benitez

    Rating: 4

    I really like the clarity of the test strip. Easy for me to read

  6. Jerry & Peggy R

    Rating: 5

    I have used various pool test kits for many years, but the Pool Frog Test Strips are by far the easiest to use. My wife would not even attempt to use the 6-Way test kits, so she loves the simplicity of the strips. And the Pool Frog makes it so east to keep our pool crystal clear.

  7. Vicki Reed

    I have had a hot tub for about 7 months now. I check the levels and adjust accordingly each week. I am not sure what to do now…I tested the water today and it is very low on alkalinity. What do I add to adjust that? I got the other readings to be “ideal.” Please help me.

    • Tom Sager

      Hello Vicki,

      Thank you for reaching out. You will need to add alkalinity increaser to raise the total alkalinity. The most common active ingredient is Sodium Bi-Carbonate. Please follow the directions on the label for dosing instructions.

      Once the TA is within range, then adjust your pH as needed. You can download our easy to use infographic about water balancing here.

      If you have any questions please reach out to Dan or Allyn on our customer service team at 800-222-0169 or email at


  8. Matt Scislowicz

    Rating: 5

    Best pool product I have ever used.

  9. Diane Heck

    i love my Frog system. So easy to use!

  10. Josef Thompson

    Rating: 5

    These are fantastic! These strips are so easy to understand where the levels should be. Checking the quality of your water is so easy and literally takes less than 5 minutes! These strips take the guess work out of making sure your quality of water is the best possible. This is a no brainer. If you don’t have them, get them, and you will not be disappointed!

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