FROG® Jump Start®

Single Dose Start-Up Shock for Hot Tubs

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Our start-up hot tub shock comes in a single, easy-to-pour packet. No more measuring out capfuls per your gallon size. Once in the water, FROG Jump Start quickly dissolves before it hits the bottom of the hot tub so it won’t bleach surfaces.  You can see the bubbles as it goes to work providing an initial chlorine level for your freshly filled hot tub. Using FROG Jump Start ®takes the load off your FROG @ease® SmartChlor® Cartridge or FROG Serene® Bromine Cartridge so they last a bit longer.

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For Starting up a freshly filled hot tub

Fast and easy hot tub start-up for hot tubs up to 600 gallons

Removes organic contaminants and establishes a chlorine level.

Optimizes performance of FROG hot tub sanitizing systems

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Additional Information

FROG Jump Start provides a dichlor chlorine shock with a unique effervescence that is designed specifically for starting-up a freshly filled spa. It’s a one-dose-fits-all shock product that dissolves quickly. The bubbling action properly sets the initial chlorine level on spas up to 500 gallons and creates a start-up level of sanitizer that can be used to help find the right setting for the bromine cartridge (see manual for instructions).

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What makes FROG Jump Start different than other shock treatments?

It is a convenient, one-dose packet that will start-up any hot tub up to 600 gallons. No measuring needed – just cut and pour.  The effervescence helps the dichlor dissolve faster so there’s no concern about bleaching surfaces.

When do I use FROG Jump Start?

It is meant for starting up a freshly filled spa but you can also use it for occasional shocking.

How do I purchase FROG Jump Start?

One FROG Jump Start packet comes in every FROG @ease and FROG Serene System and is sold separately in most FROG dealerships.

Is FROG Jump Start compatible with other chemicals?

As a dichlor product it is compatible with all other hot tub chemicals except biguanide.

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See Our Customer Reviews

  1. Kari Marzen

    Rating: 4

    We have a 235 gal spa. Whenever I use jump start, my chlorine sky rockets and my once perfect ph goes down a lot. Every time. I believe from now on, I will be using 1/3 the packet. The full packet is just too much chlorine for a 235 gal spa.

  2. Kevin Baldwin

    Rating: 5

    Hello.New to using Frog@ease smart chlor. I used jump start at start-up, do I use jump start also for monthly shocking or something else ?

  3. Scott Schrift

    It might work if our local litehouse pool store had any to sell. Changing my water after 2.5 weeks with new tub. chlorine cartridge only lasted that long. water turned cloudy and stinks. two days prior every thing was great according to the test strips.

  4. Jeff Cooper

    Rating: 1

    I have been through 4 silver cartridges am now replacing mineral (blue) for the first time. I am not draining the water so do I need to use the jumpstart packet or that only used when completly draining the water.

  5. Larry

    Rating: 4

    How long until I can use the hot tub after using the frog jump start?

  6. Kim Macmullen

    Rating: 5

    Hello.New to using Frog@ease smart chlor. I used jump start at start-up, but do I use jump start also for monthly shocking or something else ?

  7. chris

    If I am using the Serene Inline Minerals and Bromine, an I still supposed to use the jump start that appear to be Chlorine based?

    • Bryan Wall

      Yes, it is the recommended shock to use.

      Thank you.

  8. Chelsea Heckert

    Rating: 4

    Need help – I know we are supposed to shock it once a month. Which product do we use? The Jump Start appears to be only for when you fill it with fresh water.

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