Algae Prevention for 90 Days Guaranteed with FROG® BAM®

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For a worry-free summer, avoiding algae is a must! That’s why there’s FROG BAM that makes algae a thing of the past – not just for a week but a full 90 days. Specially designed to dispense through one of our Pool FROG Cyclers (Model 5400, Model 6100, XL PRO® or Twin) FROG BAM can also be used with INSTANT FROG® or Flippin’ FROG®. Works great as a winterizer too.

Pool Foreground Hot Tub Foreground

Uniquely dispenses through the POOL FROG® Systems

Prevents algae messes for up to 90 days

Helps ensure an easier spring clean-up when used as a winterizer

Each bottle treats up to 15,000 gallons


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How does FROG BAM work?

Simply insert upside down into the POOL FROG Mineral Reservoir, set the dial on the Cycler to 10 or Maximum and wait one hour for BAM to evenly distribute throughout the pool.  Then sit back and enjoy 90 days of algae free pool water!

What is the guarantee?

If algae occurs, we will send you enough FROG BAM to clean up the mess.  See instructions.

Are there any concerns about using copper?

Not with FROG BAM’S effectively low level that stays in suspension for 90 days.

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See Our Customer Reviews

  1. Sandy Ann

    No pool boy required… I don’t know if that’s really a good or bad thing 😆 The system is so easy I can maintain the pool myself. I recently stopped adding algaecide weekly & switched to Frog BAM – excited to have one less thing to worry about for a few months. We use the 5400 model for our in-ground. The most common question I get from friends is about pool maintenance… “isn’t it a lot of work?” Nope. So EASY with this system.

  2. Amy Terrell

    The frog mineral system with the bac packs and algae control is the best $ I have spent.

  3. Mary Burdick

    I have been a Frog 540cc Bac Pac user since building our pool 12 years ago. Absolutely love it! My favorite product is the Bam 90 day algecide. It rocks!

  4. Cynthia Steffen

    Love the frog use the Bam and chlorine used three years!

  5. naseer

    Rating: 5

    Summing pool mintances

  6. Denise C.

    Rating: 5

    Like the Bam for the algae

  7. Annette W.

    Rating: 5

    I use the backpacks, mineral pack and bam. It is so easy to use. And BAM works wonders on algee.

  8. Lisa Steffke

    What is the difference betweeen “All Out” and “Bam”?
    Thank you!

    • Tom Sager

      Hi Lisa,

      FROG BAM is used with a Pool FROG System. All-Out is used with a FROG Leap System.

  9. Charles Talley

    Rating: 5

    Does this product work on 18ft above ground pool, if so, how much do I use for my pool.

  10. Hank Atwell

    Rating: 5

    The best! We had been fighting an algae problem, and Bam cleared it up.

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