Flippin FROG®

Complete Pool Care Floater creates Fresh Mineral Water® in pools 2,000 - 5,000 gallons

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Stop hauling buckets of chlorine every day. Toss a Flippin’ FROG in the pool instead. Not just a floater, Flippin’ FROG kills bacteria two ways—with FROG Minerals and a small amount of chlorine. The result is Fresh Mineral Water® that feels softer, smells better and won’t bleach swimsuits. Plus, it’ll flip over when it’s time to replace the blue chlorine cartridge— once every 3-4 weeks.

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Icon 2k-5k Gallons

For pools 2,000 to 5,000 gallons, 12-18 feet diameter

FF Blue Cartridge

Pre-filled cartridges mean you never handle chlorine again

FF Green Cartridge

Minerals in the green cartridge last all season, up to 6 months


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Additional Information

Simply push the mineral and chlorine cartridges together and twist to the setting that’s right for your pool size (see your manual). Then place it in the pool or tether it to the side. When it flips over, replace the green chlorine cartridge and place back in the pool.

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Why should I use Flippin’ FROG?
If you have a 12 to 18 foot pool, this is the easiest way to keep it clean and clear.

What’s different about Flippin’ FROG?
It is not just a floater. It uses minerals to destroy bacteria so chlorine can be reduced to much lower levels. The result is soft water without bleached swimsuits or smelly odors.

How long does the green mineral cartridge last?
6 months or one pool season whichever is shorter.

How long does the blue chlorine cartridge last?
3-4 weeks. Replace when Flippin’ FROG flips over.

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See Our Customer Reviews

  1. Heather H

    Rating: 5

    I absolutely love this product. I just throw it in and let it do all the work. This summer has been super easy because of the flippin frog. Will be using every summer from now on.

  2. Nancy willgens

    Rating: 1

    Didn’t like water was always cloudy. Unless we were doing it incorrectly

  3. Jamie

    Rating: 5

    I love the frog! I use this every year! Very low maintenance and my water looks awesome!

  4. Cindy James

    Rating: 5

    Absolutely love FROG products, especially the softner. Thanks for providing such awesome pool supplies.

  5. Susan Tinney

    Rating: 5

    Great product! Softer water and less work!!!

  6. mary anema

    this is the best product i have ever used in my pool. i do my first clean up when i open the pool and then place flipping frog in the pool and the rest of summer that is all i use.

  7. Ann Tamburri

    Rating: 5

    I love the frog but can’t find replacement part for the chlorine half. Went to three pool suppliers and they don’t carry them🤷‍♀️

  8. Ann Tamburri

    Rating: 5

    I love it but can’t find a place that sells the replacement top.

  9. Wendy Thompson

    I own a smaller pool and use the flipping frog I live in an area where it rains alot during the summer i never have a problem with my water at all !

  10. Jodi Strohl

    Rating: 5

    I use the flipping frog.. Iove it!

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