How a Swimming Pool Works

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Swimming Pool 101

Simply speaking, swimming pools are just big basins of water, and regardless of shape and size, they all generally work in the same way. They use a combination of filtration and chemicals to continually clean a large volume of water.

In the most basic terms the way a pool works is, water is pumped in a continual cycle, from the pool (starting at the main drain), through the filter, heater, chemical treatment system (i.e. chlorinator or FROG® Mineral System), and back into the pool again. This continuous cycling of the water through a filter and chemical treatment system helps keep the water in the pool free of dirt, debris and bacteria. Some pools also include a heater to keep the water at a desirable temperature.

A swimming pool typically needs these ten major components to function continuously:

  • The pool
  • The skimmer(s) (designed to filter large debris from the water)
  • The circulation pump (circulates the water)
  • The water filter (removes small particles from the water)
  • The heater (regulates water temperature)
  • The chemical feeder (sanitizes the water)
  • Drains (removes the water)
  • Returns (returns circulated water)
  • Plumbing (connects all of the above)
  • Time Clock (regulates the run time of the pump)


Pool Diagram