POOL FROG® Model 5400

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POOL FROG<sup>®</sup> Model 5400

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The ultimate delivery of hassle-free Fresh Mineral Water® care for in ground pools up to 40,000 gallons. Taking care of your pool has never been easier. Designed using FROG’s No-Touch delivery system, the minerals in our Pool Frog Model 5400 continually work hard to control bacteria and keep the pH neutral so your pool water stays clean and clear for weeks. With no daily dosing or heavy chlorine odors, the complete Pool Frog Fresh Mineral Water pool system can allow you to cut chlorine use by up to 50%* compared to standard water treatment programs.



  • Fresh Mineral Water System for Pools 10,000 to 40,000 gallons
  • Pre-filled cartridges for no mess, no guess and no stress pool care
  • Kills bacteria with up to 50% less chlorine*
  • The Mineral Reservoir lasts all summer or 6 months whichever is shorter
  • The 2 lb. Bac Pac® of chlorine last 1-2 weeks depending on pool usage
  • Use with FROG BAM® for a 90 Day No Algae Guarantee!
  • Easy to use with weeks of consistent and effective water sanitization
  • Bac Pacs and FROG BAM containers are recyclable when empty



How It Works

The FROG Fresh Mineral Water pool system utilizes a patented combination of sanitizing minerals along with a LOW level of chlorine to destroy bacteria. All components are introduced into the water via the Cycler that is installed after the pump and filter. The Mineral Reservoir contains our patented combination of minerals designed to protect your pool water against bacteria as well as help keep your pool’s pH balanced. One Mineral Reservoir will last an entire season or up to 6 months. For year round pools, simply use 2 reservoirs. The chlorine Bac Pac is dialed into your pools exact needs, dispensing low levels of chlorine and typically lasts anywhere from 1-3 weeks. The patented control dial on the front of the cycler lets you easily manage the amount of water flowing through the Fresh Mineral Water sanitizing system. Less waste. Less work. Leaves your pool for nothing but fun!

POOL FROG<sup>®</sup> Model 5400
POOL FROG<sup>®</sup> Model 5400
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Minerals versus standard chlorine


Annual costs are comparable, if not lower, than using 3” chlorine pucks in skimmers or floaters. There’s no sticker shock as found with salt and UV systems. FROG users rave about how little time is required to maintain their pool. No daily dosing. No lugging heavy buckets, and no concerns of salt corroding their pool equipment and surrounding areas. Still thinking about salt? Click here to learn the facts.

Minerals versus standard chlorine
FROG BAM<sup>®</sup>


90 Day algae preventative uniquely feeds through the Pool FROG System.Learn More
FROG<sup>®</sup> Test Strips

FROG® Test Strips

Precisely reads the low chlorine levels used with FROG minerals.Learn More
  • * Compared to the minimum EPA recommended chlorine level of 1.0 ppm for a stabilized swimming pool.
  • ^ Minerals last 6 months or one pool season whichever is shorter.

23 thoughts on “POOL FROG® Model 5400

  1. Mitch

    I use the XLPro and never had my pool turn green or cloudy from chemistry. Only once did it get cloudy when it was new I tried the round floating solar heaters and the grackles would land on those to dunk the dog food to soften it before eating it. Removed the solar heaters and it has remained crystal clear all year round. This is the tenth year I have had my pool.

  2. Gary C.

    This will be my 8th season using Pool Frog products and it’s hard to see me using anything else. I spend very little time and effort to maintain my pool. The water is always sparkling clear!

  3. Frank A.

    The Pool Frog Mineral Filter keeps our 21 foot above ground pool sparkling clear, and allows us to safely use lower chlorine levels, which prevents bleaching of swimsuits, and leaves your skin without that strong chlorine smell when exiting the pool. It is so much better than our friends and neighbors pools that do not use the Frog Mineral Filter. When getting together, we always invite them to our pool because we want to avoid that heavy chlorine smell in their pools.

  4. Kerri

    Healthiest, easiest and lowest maintenance ever for pools! We have used this product Series 5200, L Shape since 1989 and would never ever change a thing! Having more and more difficulty finding our cartridge as it is an older version now, but still works!

  5. John DeBona

    From opening to closing and everything in between – the Frog System cannot be beat. Happily using it from day-one of my in-ground pool – and with nearly 17 years behind me, I could not be more pleased.

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