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My pH is hard to maintain. Why?


Everything that enters your spa has a pH that can raise or lower your pool or spa’s total pH. Check the following:

  • Tap water, depending on the area of the country, can either have a low or high pH.
  • Overestimating the amount of pH Decreaser or pH Increaser needed is often the problem.
  • Using Bromine or Trichlor tends to lower pH over time while using shocks like Calcium Hypochlorite or Lithium Hypochlorite may raise the pH over time.
  • High bather loads will tend to lower pH.
  • Swimmer wastes, such as perspiration, urine, saliva and other body oils will lower pH.
  • A high alkalinity reading will raise the pH.
  • Dirt, debris or leaves that blow into the pool as well as rain that is often acidic will lower pH.
  • Salt chlorine generators will raise the pH over time.