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How is SmartChlor different than standard chlorine?



The most common chlorine used in hot tubs



A unique form of chlorine that works only with FROG minerals


Dissolves quickly Dissolves slowly even in hot water
Used up immediately as contaminants enter the water and has no reserve Creates a reserve of chlorine that converts to free chlorine when contaminants enter the hot tub
Free chlorine level drops significantly under demand, more dichlor must be added to keep up with the demand – it’s a yo-yo effect Self-regulates; it maintains a consistent 0.5 to 1.0 free chlorine level in the hot tub for the life the cartridge
Must maintain industry standards of 2 – 4 ppm Reduces overall chlorine use up to 75%* by only needing 0.5 – 1 ppm
Contains up to 50% Cyanuric Acid, which leads to a quick build up resulting in itchy, cloudy water with shorter life. You must drain and refill more often. Contains zero Cyanuric Acid – no build up possible; the water lasts longer
Strong odors occur when dichlor combines with contaminants in the water. Requires a shock treatment. SmartChlor is self-shocking for the life of the cartridge. We recommend that you shock right before putting a new cartridge in which is about once a month. Therefore, when the SmartChlor level is declining as the old cartridge is used up you get rid of any contaminants with a shock and start, and then with a new cartridge. The result is no unpleasant odors at any time.