FROG® Serene® Floating System

Complete Hot Tub Sanitizing Floater creates Fresh Mineral Water

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FROG Serene keeps your hot tub clean while eliminating the work and the guesswork. Instead of spooning in chlorine daily, you simply replace a pre-filled cartridge about once a month. FROG Serene works by killing bacteria in two ways with sanitizing minerals and a very low level of bromine. The resulting Fresh Mineral Water® has a completely different quality that provides the serene feeling you’re looking for.

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50% Less

Lower your bromine use up to 50%* with FROG minerals

Bromine Disolves

Unlike chlorine, bromine slowly dissolves in hot water so it’s easier to regulate. Plus far less odors.

Self Regulates

Bromine is less impacted by pH swings ensuring sanitizing effectiveness

Soft Feeling

Soft feeling water that’s easier on skin, swimsuits and spa surfaces

Set and Forget

Just set it and forget it for weeks at a time

Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee

FROG Serene Family of Products

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Additional Information

The FROG Serene Floating System Fresh Mineral Water hot tub system utilizes mineral and bromine cartridges designed to destroy bacteria, reduce bromine use by up to 50% and improve the overall quality of hot tub water. The minerals last up to four full months, while the bromine can be dialed in to meet your precise needs, usually about three weeks per cartridge. Just snap the two cartridges into the floating cap and relax!

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What size hot tub will FROG Serene work in?
Hot tubs 150 to 600 are perfect for FROG Serene.

How does FROG Serene compare to other bromine floaters or using chlorine?
If you are tired of smelly chlorine odors and having to spoon in chemicals every time you use your hot tub, SPA FROG is for you. FROG Serene is not just bromine. It contains FROG minerals that destroy bacteria so you need up to 50% less bromine. The result is soft water without bleached suits or smelly odors.

How long do the mineral and bromine cartridges last?
The mineral cartridge lasts four months or whenever the hot tub is drained and refilled. The bromine cartridge lasts 2-4 weeks.

Can I remove SPA FROG from the spa when in use?
Yes. Simply turn it upside down on any surface so the water fills the green holder and doesn’t make a mess. Just remember to replace it when you exit the tub.

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* Compared to the minimum ANSI recommended bromine or chlorine level of 2.0 ppm for a hot tub

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  1. Jill Wiltfong

    Rating: 1

    Super frustrating! I did everything they said to do when we set up a new spa. It’s 315 gallons , which, according to their instructions for its size says to set the bromine to level 2. This thing has to be set to 5 or 6 to even barely get me to 0.5 free chlorine. We only use the spa 1-2 times per week and always add an oxidizing spa shock non chlorine when we get out. We even used a bromine booster to build up the bank and the bromine canister literally can’t maintain a minimal 0.5 ! Everyday I check with the test strips (multiple diff brands including spa frog) and the water chem test, it’s usually zero. I’mgoing through the bromine way too fast because it’s at the highest setting and still can’t maintain a free chlorine level for one day

    • Tom Sager

      Hi Jill,
      I am sorry to hear about your concerns with the Serene system, we would love to help you resolve this issue.

      Hot tub water chemistry (pH, TA, and Calcium Hardness) is very important and necessary to the stability of the water. When the pH (7.2-7.8) and the Total Alkalinity (80-120 ppm) are not balanced it can negatively affect the bromine level. Another reason why your bromine is low could be that the filter is dirty. A dirty filter restricts water flow which reduces the amount of bromine being dispensed into the hot tub.

      Please ensure you have shocked your hot tub using FROG Jump Start. Failure to do so at start up can make it very difficult to obtain a bromine reading.

      I can hear your frustration with the system and how it’s not up to your expectations. We would like to discuss this further with you, if you call us at 800-222-0169 we can find out more information and help determine a solution.

  2. Beth Doyle

    Your products are ecology hostile, selling plastic canisters for monthly use rather than bulk applications.

    • Tom Sager

      Hi Beth,

      Thank you for your review. We have a team of engineers working on environmentally friendly options for the future that will continue to protect people from chemicals. Because all our products are EPA-regulated, we are required to follow very strict guidelines.

      Please reach out to Dan Mosier via email ( or phone (1-800-222-0169) if you have any suggestions or more questions.

  3. Allyn

    I’m used to the frog serene bromine cartridge 7.1 oz. Now I can only get the 5.3 oz version, and they dissolve so fast and cost the same it’s ridiculous.

    They last half as long and do a much poorer job of balancing the bromine regardless of the setting 1 2 3 4 or 5. We have a 550 gallon hot tub and I keep it on the 5 setting The green one used to last me more than a month, actually two and a half months as little as we use it. The yellow cartridges only last about two weeks.

    And I can’t leave a rating, because it doesn’t allow you to choose how many stars. It only allows you to do five stars for the rating. It seems to me something’s happened to this company and they’ve gone down the obliquette.

    • Tom Sager


      Thank you for reaching out about the FROG Serene product.

      I’m sorry to hear of your challenges with the yellow bromine cartridge. The yellow bromine cartridge is designed for the FROG Serene Floating System and lasts 10 days to 21 days depending on use and size of hot tub . The green bromine cartridge is designed for the FROG Serene In-Line system and lasts 2 – 5 weeks depending on use and size of hot tub.

      The green FROG Serene Bromine is distributed by the manufacture of your hot tub. I recommend you check with your hot tub dealer that you purchased your hot tub from. They should be able to purchase it from the manufacture of your hot tub. If you have difficulties obtaining the cartridge locally it may be found online by typing the search “green FROG Serene Bromine”.

      As for the review system, you should be able to move your cursor over the appropriate star amount and select that. The shading of the stars can make that tricky initially.

      We can be reached with any other questions at 1-800-222-0169 or by emailing



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