FROG® Serene® Floating System

Complete Hot Tub Sanitizing Floater creates Fresh Mineral Water

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FROG Serene keeps your hot tub clean while eliminating the work and the guesswork. Instead of spooning in chlorine daily, you simply replace a pre-filled cartridge about once a month. FROG Serene works by killing bacteria in two ways with sanitizing minerals and a very low level of bromine. The resulting Fresh Mineral Water® has a completely different quality that provides the serene feeling you’re looking for.

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50% Less

Lower your bromine use up to 50%* with FROG minerals

Bromine Disolves

Unlike chlorine, bromine slowly dissolves in hot water so it’s easier to regulate. Plus far less odors.

Self Regulates

Bromine is less impacted by pH swings ensuring sanitizing effectiveness

Soft Feeling

Soft feeling water that’s easier on skin, swimsuits and spa surfaces

Set and Forget

Just set it and forget it for weeks at a time

Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee

FROG Serene Family of Products

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Additional Information

The FROG Serene Floating System Fresh Mineral Water hot tub system utilizes mineral and bromine cartridges designed to destroy bacteria, reduce bromine use by up to 50% and improve the overall quality of hot tub water. The minerals last up to four full months, while the bromine can be dialed in to meet your precise needs, usually about three weeks per cartridge. Just snap the two cartridges into the floating cap and relax!

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What size hot tub will FROG Serene work in?
Hot tubs 150 to 600 are perfect for FROG Serene.

How does FROG Serene compare to other bromine floaters or using chlorine?
If you are tired of smelly chlorine odors and having to spoon in chemicals every time you use your hot tub, SPA FROG is for you. FROG Serene is not just bromine. It contains FROG minerals that destroy bacteria so you need up to 50% less bromine. The result is soft water without bleached suits or smelly odors.

How long do the mineral and bromine cartridges last?
The mineral cartridge lasts four months or whenever the hot tub is drained and refilled. The bromine cartridge lasts 2-4 weeks.

Can I remove SPA FROG from the spa when in use?
Yes. Simply turn it upside down on any surface so the water fills the green holder and doesn’t make a mess. Just remember to replace it when you exit the tub.

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* Compared to the minimum ANSI recommended bromine or chlorine level of 2.0 ppm for a hot tub

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See Our Customer Reviews

  1. Fred Chacon

    I have a two hundred gallon spa. My water is clean and clear, but I have to check the water daily and remove cartridges or the bromine level gets too high. I want to use the spa daily, it irritates my skin. Because of small size of my tub, the bromine cartridge lasts a month.

  2. Trey Glover

    Rating: 1

    I have used Spa Frog since getting my hot tub 5 years ago. The previous product would last about 6 weeks on the number 2 setting with a fresh fill of water. I am barely getting 3 weeks out of the Frog Serene and my Bromine levels are always to high, even when I drop the cartridge to the 1 setting. It is almost like the tablets are dissolving way too fast. Why did Spa Frog mess up a good thing? I am going to abandon using this product once my supplies run out. It is simply no longer worth it anymore.

    • Bryan Wall

      Hi Trey, your review is important – many thanks for sending it. Wow! It’s great to hear you’ve used FROG for 5 years. It’s very odd that it’s not working as expected and sounds like you’ve tried a few different things. Would you please call or email Dan Moser at 800-222-1069 or He would really like to find out more detail from you to find out what’s really happening. We think you’ll be happy to talk with him because he’s got tons of knowledge about hot tub water care – 10+ years. Please reach out.

  3. AP

    Rating: 5

    Big fan of the Serene system. 400-gallon Bullfrog tub has gone more than a month with the bromine set on 3. Easy combo with some bulk non-chlorine shock and tub crystal clear.

  4. vickie

    the floating frog system. Can i put it in the tub with the lid closed

  5. R. Castellanos

    Rating: 5

    great product, use is easy and water feels, smells and looks great.

  6. Craig Ladabouche

    Rating: 4

    Didn’t know about the name change but I’ll keep on using the product. Been using in my spa for three years and its been easy to use and does the job. Can’t give it five stars because I honestly feel its too expensive compared to just buying and adding the chemicals by hand. I guess thats the price of convenience

  7. TripButler

    We have used the FROG system for several years now. We’re trying to be thrilled with it but we are constantly having to add Bromine, flush the water, and test the water daily. We had a few discussions with local shops, would love to know what is going on.

    • Tom Sager

      I am sorry to hear about your low bromine level, I know that can be frustrating.

      There could be a few things causing the bromine level to be lower than 1 ppm. The first thing I recommend doing is balancing your water chemistry, down below I have attached a picture that displays the correct ranges each of the water factors should be between

      One thing that can cause under chlorination in the Serene System, is if a chlorine shock was not used on a freshly filled tub. Using a chlorine shock on a freshly filled tub establishes a free chlorine reading between 1-2 ppm.

      Using a chlorine shock also activates the bromine in the spa. Bromine systems sometimes do not work correctly if a chlorine shock is not used initially because chlorine acts as a catalyst to help the bromine start working or moving. This can happen because one of the active ingredients in the bromine cartridge is chlorine.

      I hope this helps, feel free to follow up with any questions you may have.

  8. Marlene O’Donnell

    I have the old one not this one, I love my old one! I am will to try this one for my Spa!

  9. Chuck Cantwell

    Damn near maintence free Hot Tub…

  10. Patricia Battersby

    I cannot review until next season. We still had the other system with the yellow and the blue cartridges. We want to finish that system first before we begin a new. But I think I’ll like this one better.

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