FROG® @ease® for Bullfrog® Spas

Hot Tub Sanitizer Custom Designed for Bullfrog® Spas

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Making life easier for Bullfrog Spa owners is the goal of this FROG @ease System that conveniently fits between the filter cartridges in most Bullfrog Spas. Cleaner, Clearer and Softer® water is just down the road at your local Bullfrog Spas dealer.  With FROG Minerals and SmartChlor® Technology, you’ll enjoy Fresh Mineral Water®∞ that kills bacteria 2 ways with up to 75%* less chlorine and a lot less work!

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@ease 75 Percent Less

Up to 75%* less chlorine with no frustrating yo-yo chlorine levels

Shock Once

Shock only once a month

Self Regulates

Self-regulates for continuous crystal clear water

@ease Easy On

Easy on hot tub surfaces with less odors

@ease Color Match

Single color match for easy reading – exclusively with FROG @ease Test Strips

No Constant Monitoring

No constant monitoring

@ease No Mixing

No mixing chemicals

Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee


Another FROG @ease benefit – no cyanuric acid that can lead to problems.

Bullfrog Filter
Bullfrog Filter

Additional Information

The @ease System combines the proven FROG mineral formula for killing bacteria with SmartChlor Technology that maintains a consistently low chlorine level for weeks.

Unlike normal chlorine that is used up when you get in, SmartChlor continues to maintain the same level, which is up to 75%* less than hot tubs using dichlor (standard hot tub chlorine). That’s why we call it self-regulating.  It goes to work when the hot tub needs sanitizing so there are no frustrating yo-yo chlorine levels.  This time-released method is also why less shock is needed to maintain the hot tub.

This technology is so unique it has its own testing method that’s easier than standard test strips.

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In 2 seconds, you can know precisely whether your pH, Total Alkalinity and Hardness are balanced, plus whether or not SmartChlor® needs replacing. Simply dip the FROG @ease Test Strip into the water, remove with the pads facing up and shake once to remove the water on the FROG Test Strips. Then hold it up next to the color chart on the back of the bottle to compare colors.

If the SmartChlor color on the strip is darker than the bottle label, the water is fine. If it is lighter it’s time to replace the Smartchlor Cartridge.

This technology is so unique it has its own testing method that’s easier than standard test strips.

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A new standard for keeping your Hot Tub water crystal clear- continuously.

Less Chlorine

Up to 75%* less chlorine with no frustrating yo-yo chlorine levels.

Less Shocking

Only shock once a month!

Self Regulates

Self-regulates for continuous crystal clear water.

Less Odors

Easy on hot tub surfaces with less odors.

  • Unique form of chlorine that works only with FROG minerals
  • It’s EPA registered
  • Unlike dichlor it’s slow dissolving
  • It’s self-regulating by automatically delivering more free chlorine when needed
  • It maintains a consistent 0.5 – 1.0 ppm free chlorine level at all times

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* Compared to the minimum ANSI recommended bromine or chlorine level of 2.0 ppm for a hot tub.

∞ For pools and hot tubs.

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Thank you to all who posted reviews. Our team investigated and discovered that a small percentage of SmartChlor cartridges were under-filled. We’ve worked hard to find and remove them, however, a small number were shipped and sold. We’re sorry. If you believe you may have received some of these cartridges, we want to hear from you. Please call us at 800-222-0169 or email us at

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  1. Tom Sova

    Rating: 4

    Easy to control water chemistry without having to worry about chlorine levels. I wish you would sell bulk chlorine and refillable cartridges. The cartridge only lasts about 3 weeks and more expensive than I anticipated. Had I known the cost and life of the cartridges I would have chosen a different hot tub and sanitation method.

    • Bryan Wall

      Hi Tom, thanks for your review. We’d really like to talk with you why we chose to prefill our cartridges and how to get the cartridge to last longer. Would you please take a minute and call Dan at 800-222-0169? Or you can email him at He has tons of experience with hot tubs and pools and can help you resolve the issues you’ve brought up, but mostly he’d really like to answer your questions and help you with your hot tub.

  2. Brian Yarberry

    Rating: 2

    Just got a new spa with the cartridges. Does not last, out in less than 2 weeks. I’m going back to the balancing myself as this is WAY too expensive and the cartridges should be refillable.

    • Bryan Wall

      Hi Brian, congrats on getting a new spa! We’re sorry to hear that the FROG @ease cartridges are not lasting as long as you were told. We’re sure we can help, but we need specific information to do that. Please send Dan a quick email at or even better, call him at 800-222-1069. He has a years of experience and we think you’ll learn a ton from him, but most of all, we’re sure that after you talk with him, you’ll be a lot happier with your spa.

  3. Rex C Vaughn

    Rating: 2

    The bullfrog cartridges do work well with the spa but do not last as long as advertised. On my A7 bullfrog only getting about 2 weeks before the chlorine is out. Wish they were refillable to reduce waste and longevity.

    • Bryan Wall

      Hi Rex, hearing from you is important, thanks for taking the time. Would you please give us a call, or email us? We think your issues can be resolved and we’d like to answer any other questions you have. We also want you to know that we are investigating how to make our product more eco-friendly while still maintaining requirements from the EPA. If you’ll call 800-222-0169, Dan will answer all your questions – or you can email him at dan.

  4. Chris

    Rating: 3

    I have a 2017 Bullfrog X Premier 8 and I have been reading reviews and seeing responses that do not seem to match up. For instance, one response said “Running the filtration cycle too often can also have an effect on this, make sure you have the settings on what your Bullfrog Spa manual recommends.” I was just at the store today and I told them the manufacturing setting is set at F2 (which is two hours twice a day). They said they would not recommend that and to set to either 4 or 6 hour cycles that run twice a day based on how often you use it.The manual itself like you state does not even make a recommendation. Also, you have a system where you put the cartridges inside the plate that goes between the two filters, but my model does not have any space between them so therefore that system will not even stay in because my filters actually touch each other. Must have been a design flaw for that year. That means I can only use the floating ball version. I agree that the cost is very expensive for how much use you get. I have a 486 gallon tub and I was told by the dealer to use setting 2, but setting 3 was for 500 gallons so it seems more appropriate to set it to 3. At 600 gallons their sheet says to set it to 4, but today they recommended I also set it to 4. No consistency here.

    • Bryan Wall

      Hi Chris, Thanks for writing up a detailed review, and reading through the other reviews. We’re very sorry to hear you’re not getting consistent information. If you’re willing to talk with Dan, who’s head of customer service, he can talk about your hot tub model and the settings you’re using. He’s got over 11 years of experience and he’s helped a lot of poeple with their hot tubs – he’d like to answer all or your questions. Would you please call him at 800-222-0169 or send him an email at He will not only give you accurate recommendations, he will follow up with you to make sure things are going well.

  5. Floyd

    Rating: 4

    I really like this system, I get about 4 weeks out of a cartridge, which works well at our 2nd house. The price, however, is way too high and they SHOULD HAVE A WAY TO REFILL THE CARTRIDGES. I feel like I’m constantly ordering and paying for large chunks of plastic, rather than the chlorine that I need.

  6. Jonathan

    Rating: 2

    Just as everyone has said above, these cartridges only last a couple days. We have a brand new spa set up by the company, yet here we are with the same problems everyone else has. Frog, quit blaming the people for not adjusting it properly, it is simply your system not working. I gave two stars instead of one because for that short time, it works great.

    • Wayni Tao

      Hi Jonathan – Thank you for your review. We’re really sorry that you are not experiencing long life to your SmartChlor Cartridge. So we’d really like to talk to you about this situation. I know we can help, if we can learn more details from you. If you will please call Dan at 800-222-0169 or email him at, he would love to find out more information so he can help determine a solution. He’s the head of customer service and has been helping people for over 11 years, he would like to help you get your system working properly.

  7. Tina

    Rating: 5

    Love using the FROG system for our Bullfrog hot tub!! It is so easy and I never have to worry about the chorine levels. Balancing our water is also easy.

  8. Todd Cook

    Rating: 2

    Chlorine does not distribute evenly. It seems like the price is extremely high for these.

    • Wayni Tao

      Hi Todd, thanks for your review. We know a lot about chlorine and its distribution – we can help you resolve this issue if you’ll take a minute and call us. Or email if that’s easier. Dan, head of Customer Service, would love to talk with you, you can reach him at or give him a call at 800-222-0169.

  9. Linda Bosco

    Rating: 1

    I would not recommend any spa that uses the Frog ease system. It does not work as advertised. It is very expensive to use, does not last long and when you need to buy the mineral cartridge you can’t buy a 3 pack like the smart chlor. You are destroying the environment with all the plastic we throw away. These cartridges should be refillable.

    • Tom Sager

      I’m really sorry to hear of your experience using FROG @ease designed for Bullfrog Spas.

      It was our hope that FROG @ease for Bullfrog Spas would make things easier for you by simplifying the care of your hot tub. After all, hot tubs should be a place to relax, unwind, and enjoy others company. Based on your review it sounds like we fell short of that mark which is unfortunate.

      I personally believe in the product and I’m confident we could make it a success for you. If you would like, please call in to our water care team at 800-222-0169 so we can hopefully help you out more.

  10. Brad Korber

    Rating: 3

    Does not last long. Does not stay in filter adapter and floats away when opening compartment. Needs to be refillable. Why can I not buy the mineral one by itself?

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