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FILTER FROG<sup>®</sup>

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Reduce the usage of chlorine and bromine by up to 50%, stop faded swimsuits and powerful odors with FILTER FROG. Designed to fit conveniently inside of your spas filter cartridge, this is the only hot tub mineral sanitizer designed with the patented FROG mineral protection for hot tubs up to 600 gallons, FILTER FROG lasts up to 4 months, and features an easy reminder dial to help you remember when to replace it. Supplement with a low level of chlorine or bromine and hot tub care is complete with soft water and a crystal clear shine.


  • Fresh Mineral Water® System for Hot Tubs up to 600 gallons
  • Kills bacteria with up to 50% less bromine*
  • Conveniently fits inside a filter cartridge
  • Lasts 4 months or whenever you drain your hot tub
  • Simply supplement with a low level of dichlor or bromine
  • Use with FROG Jump Start® for an effective start-up shock when refilling the tub
  • Compatible with ozone or UV

How It Works

The FILTER FROG mineral sanitizer fits easily into the center of your spas filter cartridge. It is a one-piece design that can be shortened if necessary. The unique design draws in your spa water through the openings in the cap and sides and circulates it through our patented mineral formula dispensing a low level of minerals into the spa. Simply supplement with 1 ppm of chlorine or bromine.

FILTER FROG<sup>®</sup>
FILTER FROG<sup>®</sup>
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Filter Frog Features


Only one other company has a similar product using silver to destroy bacteria. Their product requires a period of shocking the hot tub to activate the minerals, while FROG minerals are active immediately. They also supplement with non-chlorine shock, which means there is no safeguard of a low chlorine or bromine residual in the water to protect the bathers. With FILTER FROG, you can count on it.

Filter Frog Features
FROG<sup>®</sup> Test Strips

FROG® Test Strips

Precisely reads the low chlorine levels used with FROG minerals.Learn More
FROG<sup>®</sup> Jump Start<sup>®</sup>

FROG® Jump Start®

Easy spa start up that removes contaminants and sets the residual.Learn More

9 thoughts on “FILTER FROG®

  1. Randy Francis

    I live in Ohio and installed a Frog mineral filter cartridge into my hot tub.
    I will be draining the tub in 5 weeks and removing the mineral cartridge.

    Can I take the cartridge with me to my home in Florida and install it in my other hot tub and use it the for the remainder of the 4 month life?

    1. Sarah Miller

      Thank you for using our Filter Frog. Per our instructions in our manual:

      The FILTER FROG® must be replaced every 4 months. After four months of use or when draining and refilling the spa with fresh water,discard the FILTER FROG® in trash even if, upon shaking, it appears there is spent media left inside. Once wetted the time released minerals are effective up to four months. Non-refillable product. Do not reuse or refill this container. Do not attempt to reuse the product once removed from the spa.

      Have a great day,


    1. Sarah Miller

      Hello Todd,

      Welcome to the new world of @ease, we think you will really love it.

      You do not need to use the Filter Frog in addition to @ease, the @ease system will take care of everything. Let us know if there are any other questions.

      Thank you,


  2. Chris

    We just bought a new spa and the company recommend us try the frog program. We have been using it for four weeks and we had murky/cloudy water. What do you recommend us do? We have used the jump start but it is not clearing the water? I appreciate your insight and help.

  3. JimZimmerman
    Rating: 3

    Hello Sarah, We have been using the Frog system now for about 2 years. Not really sure of its effectiveness but our dealer said it’s really GOOD. I use chlorine, is it possible to remove the Frog for a period of about 8-12 hours while I performing routine cleaning, then reinsert? Does it lose its effectiveness out of the water for that period?

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