No Cyanuric Acid (CYA): The Facts

Swim Spas have been classified as portable spas.

The Center for Disease Control recommends not using cyanuric acid or products containing CYA in hot tubs or spas.

According to an article on Healthy Water from the CDC, they make a bold statement that “The CDC recommends not using cyanuric acid or chlorine products with cyanuric acid in hot tubs/spas.”

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Dichlor is about 50% cyanuric acid by weight.

Dichlor is a stabilized chlorine commonly used in hot tubs. The problem is hot tubs don’t need to be stabilized. They are not out in the direct sun all day like pools so they don’t need the UV protection that the cyanuric acid in dichlor offers.

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Problems can begin with a CYA level of 50.

High CYA levels disrupt chlorine’s ability to sanitize water.

According to J.R. Anderson in his article “A Study of the Influence of Cyanuric Acid on the Bactericidal Effectiveness of Chlorine” it takes 4 times as long to kill common hot tub bacteria when CYA is at 50 ppm and 6 times longer when CYA is 100 ppm.

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Swim Spa Water Bacteria Kill Time Chart

At 50 ppm of CYA, it takes 4X longer to kill bacteria.

Multiple sources, including the CDC, recommend eliminating Cyanuric Acid (CYA) from hot tubs. Yet many hot tub owners use chlorine containing CYA resulting in cloudy, smelly water in as little as a few weeks.

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CYA Educational Resources

Swim Spas are categorized as portable spas. Educational resources listed below apply to both hot tubs and swim spas.

Learn all about Smartchlor Technology.

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