Portable Hot Tubs

King Technology’s FROG® Spa products are designed to keep your water clean and clear, while reducing your spas bromine and chlorine use by up to 50%*.  We call it Fresh Mineral Water™ because FROG® products use a patented EPA approved mineral formula along with a low dose of chlorine leaving your spa water cleaner, clearer, and softer; without the hassle of measuring out and touching chemicals.  Designed for hot tubs up to 600 gallons FROG® Spa products are perfect for any type of hot tub, whether it’s a portable hot tub, a stand alone in ground or connected to your in ground swimming pool.  To learn more about the King Technology’s FROG® product line for hot tubs click on the products below.

Portable Hot Tubs – Up to 600 Gallons



Why limit the peace and serenity of a hot tub with second rate water care? The SPA FROG® Floating System enhances a standard hot tub up to 600 gallons with its patented delivery of minerals and a low dose of bromine. This hot tub Fresh Mineral Water system eliminates the need for daily maintenance & chlorination, improves water quality and removes the unmistakable smell of chlorine, all the while reducing bromine use and enhancing your hot tub water quality. Simply snap the pre-filled mineral & bromine cartridges into the reusable floating holder, sit back, relax and enjoy your hot tub.


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A select group of hot tub manufacturers have built the SPA FROG® Fresh Mineral Water hot tub system into their hot tubs, up to 600 gallons, making caring for your water even easier. The SPA FROG® In-Line Fresh Mineral Water system offers water care that is built directly into your hot tub, adding even more elegance to an already luxurious experience. FROG Fresh Mineral Water hot tub care is extremely effective while providing softer, crystal clear water for your enjoyment.


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Reduce the usage of chlorine and bromine by up to 50%, stop faded swimsuits and powerful odors with FILTER FROG®. Designed to fit conveniently inside of your spas filter cartridge, this is the only hot tub mineral sanitizer designed with the patented FROG® mineral protection for hot tubs up to 600 gallons, FILTER FROG lasts up to 4 months, and features an easy reminder dial to help you remember when to replace it. Supplement with a low level of chlorine or bromine and hot tub care is complete with soft water and a crystal clear shine.


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@Ease Floater

@Ease Floating System

ntroducing the first self-regulating hot tub water care system. In fact, the first breakthrough in hot tub sanitizing systems in 17 years. SmartChlor™ Technology is a patented time-release chlorine system that – combined with Fresh Mineral Water® – keeps your hot tub water crystal clear for weeks at a time using up to 75% less chlorine*! So your hot tub is always ready to use.


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@Ease Inline System

@Ease In-Line System

Introducing a breakthrough in sanitizing that comes ready to use on select hot tub brands.  @ease with the innovative SmartChlor™ Technology and Fresh Mineral Water® benefits offers a complete sanitizing system that’s time released to meet the demands of any hot tub up to 600 gallons. The result is crystal clear water for weeks at a time using up to 75% less chlorine*! So your hot tub is always ready to use.


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