FROG® @ease® In-Line System

The built-in Hot Tub Sanitizer with minerals and up to 75% Less Chlorine

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Introducing a breakthrough in sanitizing that comes ready to use on your hot tub.  With the built in FROG @ease In-Line System, you simply open the cap on your hot tub, snap in the conveniently adjustable cartridges and enjoy weeks of cleaner, clearer and softer water. FROG @ease uses FROG Minerals and SmartChlor® Technology that creates Fresh Mineral Water® by killing bacteria two ways with up to 75% less chlorine and a lot less work!

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@ease 75 Percent Less

Up to 75%* less chlorine with no frustrating yo-yo chlorine levels

Shock Once

Shock only once a month

Self Regulates

Self regulates for continuous crystal clear water

@ease Easy On

Easy on hot tub surfaces with less odors

@ease Color Match

Single color match for easy reading – exclusively with FROG @ease Test Strips

No Constant Monitoring

No constant monitoring

@ease No Mixing

No mixing chemicals

Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee


Another FROG @ease benefit – no cyanuric acid that can lead to problems.

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Video Introduction to FROG @ease Inline System


Additional Information

The @ease System combines the proven FROG mineral formula for killing bacteria with SmartChlor Technology that maintains a consistently low chlorine level for weeks.

Unlike normal chlorine that is used up when you get in, SmartChlor continues to maintain the same level which is up to 75% less than hot tubs using Dichlor (standard hot tub chlorine). That’s why we call it self-regulating.  It goes to work when the hot tub needs sanitizing so there are no frustrating yo-yo chlorine levels.  This time-released method is also why less shock is needed to maintain the hot tub. When the SmartChlor Cartridge is depleted the system will flip over as a visual reminder to replace the empty cartridge with a new one.

This technology is so unique it has its own testing method that’s easier than standard test strips.

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In 2 seconds, you can know precisely whether your pH, Total Alkalinity and Hardness are balanced, plus whether or not SmartChlor® needs replacing. Simply dip the FROG @ease Test Strip into the water, remove with the pads facing up and shake once to remove the water on the FROG Test Strips. Then hold it up next to the color chart on the back of the bottle to compare colors.

If the SmartChlor color on the strip is darker than the bottle label, the water is fine. If it is lighter it’s time to replace the Smartchlor Cartridge.

This technology is so unique it has its own testing method that’s easier than standard test strips.

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A new standard for keeping your Hot Tub water crystal clear- continuously.

Less Chlorine

Up to 75%* less chlorine with no frustrating yo-yo chlorine levels.

Less Shocking

Only shock once a month!

Self Regulates

Self-regulates for continuous crystal clear water.

Less Odors

Easy on hot tub surfaces with less odors.

  • Unique form of chlorine that works only with FROG minerals
  • It’s EPA registered
  • Unlike dichlor it’s slow dissolving
  • It’s self-regulating by automatically delivering more free chlorine when needed
  • It maintains a consistent 0.5 – 1.0 ppm free chlorine level at all times

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What size hot tub will FROG @ease work in?

Hot tubs 150 to 600 are perfect for FROG @ease.

How does FROG @ease compare to bromine floaters or using chlorine?

With standard chemicals you experience peaks and valleys in your sanitizing routine.  When you add chemical, the level spikes, when you use the tub, the level drops. This yo-yo method goes away with FROG @ease because it maintains the same level of sanitizing all the time.  Plus it’s conveniently tucked away with easy access whenever you need to change a cartridge.

How can it work so well with 75% less chlorine?

SmartChlor is not a typical chlorine.  It will consistently maintain a 0.5 to 1.0 ppm free chlorine level. This would not be enough on its own; but with FROG minerals, it’s a perfect combination that kills bacteria 2 ways so you have a cleaner, clearer hot tub that’s wonderfully soft and odor free!

How long do the Mineral and SmartChlor cartridges last?

The mineral cartridge lasts four months or whenever the hot tub is drained and refilled. The SmartChlor Cartridge lasts 3-4 weeks depending on the size of your tub and how often it is used.

Is a FROG @ease System expensive?

SmartChlor is slightly more expensive than dichlor but less than other systems. Consumers who have tried it tell us it is SO worth the money because it makes owning a hot tub extremely easy with far less monitoring and no shocking for an entire month. You save time and the cost of shock treatments plus with up to 75% less chlorine, your suits won’t fade and your hot tub itself has less wear and tear.

Which hot tubs have the FROG @ease In-Line System built-in?

Marquis Spas, Caldera Spas, Artesian Spas and Hot Springs Spas all have the in-line system installed on select hot tub models at their factory.

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* Compared to the minimum ANSI recommended bromine or chlorine level of 2.0 ppm for a hot tub

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See Our Customer Reviews

  1. Tina Dickerson

    Rating: 5

    We love this new system!! Years ago we had a hot tub that we monitored the old way….this is worlds better!! Easy, effective, clean…..just can’t say enough about it!!

  2. Diane Branson

    Rating: 5

    We switched to this product approximately a year ago. I have found it easy to use and cost effective.

  3. Kyle

    Rating: 5

    I have a had a hot tub now since 1999 and have used practically everything offered; bromine, chlorine and baquacil, etc. This is by far the easiest I’ve ever used.

  4. Brian

    Rating: 5

    excellent system. cant be any easier! makes water maintenance a breeze.

  5. Chris

    Rating: 3

    This is the only system I have ever used. When you first get your tub and it had heavy use I felt like it was difficult for the system to keep up. Now that use has slowed I get at maximum 3 weeks per SmartChlor. I also found that my retailer was not familiar with this system and didn’t explain it well. I had to do a lot of research to understand it. I have also found it difficult to find retailers of the product without having to special order, travel far or pay for shipping. The kit needs to be on Amazon. What nice is that the product is out of the way. I cannot imagine having a floating system.

  6. Edward Fliller

    Hi, is there a place to contact issues I’m having with teh system? I have a new Artesian spa with this system and I’ve having an extremely difficult time getting the water to balance. It seems like no matter what I do, the pH rockets up over 8.0 during use, then won’t come down unless I add dry acid. When I do that, now my TA lowers over time.

    It seems completely impossible to keep the numbers in the recommended ranges. by following your guidelines. Most other information says to keep TA around 50 for chlorine based spas, but your range is 80-120. When I adjusted CH to 150 and TA to 110, my pH was over 8.0 with NO aeration or pumps running.

    I know the ‘ideal’ ranges, but what is optimal for a 550gallon spa?!

    • Sarah Miller

      Hi Edward,

      Please contact Let us know how you would like to be contacted, phone or email and he will get you in perfect balance.

      Sorry you are having issues.


  7. Don David Price

    The screw-down cap on the Frog inline system broke. Is it replaceable? Where? Cost?



    • Sarah Miller

      Hello Don,

      Please call the spa manufacturer first and if you still have questions please contact us at

      Thank you,


  8. Kathy

    My Caldera Spa came with the inline system for the bromine and mineral cartridges. Can I switch to the SmartChlor cartridges the next time I flush and fill my tub? I am not a fan of the bromine and have been thinking I would go back to the mineral stick in the filter area with the chlorine, but now that you have cartridges this seems like the way to go.

    • Sarah Miller

      Hi Kathy,

      Unfortunately at this time the inline system is not available for your tub, but should be soon. I would recommend the floating system until the inline cartridges are available.

      Thank you,


  9. Ken

    It looks like the ‘in-line’ cartridges will fit the Frogger Spa Float… can they be used as a replacement for those cartridges? Thanks, Ken

    • Sarah Miller

      Hi Ken,

      These two products are not the same. Your Spa Frog Floating system is for Bromine tubs, while the @ease cartridge is for Chlorine tubs. It will not work together.

      Thank you,


  10. Janice Jones from Manthe Equipment

    What is the part number for the inline system?

    • Sarah Miller

      01-14-3276 (System box)
      01-14-3272 (replacement SmartChlor Cartridges)

      Let me know if you need help finding these?

      Thank you,


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