At 50 ppm of CYA, it takes 4X longer to kill bacteria.

FROG @ease has NO CYA!

There is a reason consumers rave about FROG @ease. They talk about less odors, the soft feel, and crystal clear look but mostly they talk about how easy it is to manage their water.  When switching from dichlor, they realized a big difference!  Here is what a few of them told us.

  • The ease of Frog @ease makes owning a Hot Tub truly enjoyable! Nancy B.
  • @ease works great and is really easy to use. Every time I meet someone else with a hot tub and we talk about chemicals I convince then to go Frog. Stephen S.
  • FROG @ease takes all of the guess work out of water care. Dave
  • I highly recommend FROG @ease to anyone with a hot tub. It truly does take the work and hassle out of spa care. Will never go back to the old fashioned way of treating my tub. Brian

If your customers are experiencing cloudy, smelly water that’s difficult to keep clean, have them test their CYA levels using our Test Strip Card (Part No. 20-49-0221) and find out what FROG @ease can do for them.

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